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2-What More Can I Say?

I had to go back and look to see where I had gotten in my ‘life’ story…and I guess this is a good place to pick up.

When you were ‘POOR’, and you had as much love in your family as mine had, you don’t realize you were ‘po folks’. But when you had to live from pay-check to pay-check, and from one Sunday chicken to the next, without another piece of meat in the house, some would have called that POOR. We never went hungry, and we were always clean. We had clothes, even if they were hand-me-down from the neighbors, or the aunts (for us girls). David was another story. He didn’t like wearing those skirts. HA!

I never remember having a ‘store-bought’ dress until I was almost ten years old. I might have been older. I can remember the dress as if it was yesterday. The dress was black corduroy on one side and it reversed to a red broadcloth on the other with a red piping around the neck and armholes. I wore a turtleneck sweater under it. The dress had little buttons all the way up the front. I loved that dress. I wore it until it was so short it looked like a shirt. I might have worn it six months, if I was lucky, in those years. I was growing so fast!! My shoes were worse.

But the shoe situation is another part of my story for another time!!

I am keeping these little snippets of my life short and sweet. I want you to look forward to the next installment of Deliska.

Strap on your seat belt…it is going to get really bumpy….before it gets smooth.



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