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What do you do when you’re depressed?

I SLEEP!! That is what I do when I am depressed. I just want to stay in bed, pull the covers over my head, and sleep!! Today was one of those days.

I had to get up, get myself dressed half-way decently, and get to a Christian Women’s Prayer Connection this morning. There was NO MAKE-UP today on this face. I did not get there until fifteen minutes late…and I am usually fifteen minutes early. After last nights fiasco, with the election of Mr. Obama, AGAIN, I am just depressed!

The Connection was being held at one of my best friends home, and I was not going to let her down by not attending. I had not been to her home in a long time, since she has been in Washington, visiting family. It was so great to be with her, even when we began to moan about the politics of last night.

We forgot that several of the ladies in the group was just thrilled with the election of Mr. Obama, and they didn’t stop short of telling us how happy they were with the fact that he had gone back into office for another four years. We both just looked at each other and shook our heads.

When I got back home today, I tried to feel better, but I just didn’t! I am so tired. All I wanted to do was sleep! I did manage to stay awake until about three-thirty but I then went to sleep.

I just woke up, and it is almost 7pm. WRB called me, wanting to know what I wanted for supper. Where had he been? He said he had gone to Sam’s Wholesale. Oh Well! Surprise me!

I am telling you, depressed…..just depressed. I know, I am so happy God has it in Control….because I sure don’t!

I tell God about my problems. I am glad He is able to handle all my Problems because I am not strong enough to handle anything.


Take care of our Nation!! Forgive me when I fail, and forgive us when we fail you. If it is time for YOU to come back and get your Bride, then help me do what I need so I can help guide someone to You. You can get them to heaven!




Obama–4 more miserable years

If the CHANGE is to be, it’s up to ME!!!! not up to someone else. I have to change me and make the commitment to doing what I must to have a closer relationship with the Lord. When I do, I will make better choices. I hope we won’t see the choice that has been made tonight, by these people who voted for OBAMA, come back to ‘ruin’ our Nation. I think it will, to the bone! That may be what it takes to wake up the Nation!! Just remember it!! 2 Chronicles 7:14

Obama has been voted into office by 281–203 as of almost mid-night.

I am just numb.

Goodnight America!! We won’t know you again!

Dee Bradley




November 5th is Our Anniversary

November 5, 1988 I married my best friend. Mercy sakes, we have been through ‘for better or worse, in SICKNESS and health’, and I guess we will be together ‘until death do us part’! He says, “you are not leaving me here to deal all this ‘stuff’ by myself”! We have never really discussed DIVORCE in all these years, but I think both of us have contemplated killing each other a time or two (thank God not at the same time)! I could say, “Oh I love him with all my heart” (which I do) and I could say, “nothing will ever come between us”…I am not about to say that, because the devil would love nothing more than to throw a hand grenade into my marriage.

I can say, WRB has stood by me when I was so sick I could not hold my head off the toilet after chemo. He has cooked for the past 24 years (I told him I didn’t cook–and I didn’t lie)! He takes care of me when my arthritis is so bad I can’t walk, and I am so weak I don’t feel like moving. He is a good provider and he still makes me laugh out loud.

We can look at each other and know what is going on, without saying a word. That is a meaningful life. That is something many people wish they had had in their life and never knew. I know I am blessed.

Do I get frustrated at him?…..OH YES!! Does he get upset with me?….Do you know me?…..of course he does…..but at the end of the day, we can still not go to sleep mad.

He is taking me to Nashville, to the Country Music Hall of Fame for my Anniversary. I am so excited!! This should be a good memory maker!!

‘The Man’ is the Head of My Home

My husband, whom I refer to often as ‘the husband’, or ‘the Man’, is the HEAD of my home. There cannot be two in a household. One has to be the head and the one with the final say so. He is it in our house. If I ever said, “Honey, I want you to do, ‘WHATEVER IT WAS’, and he did immediately”, I would go look on the front door to make sure I had not gone in the wrong ‘dad-gum’ house.

Yes, ‘dad-gum’ is a southern word, which stands for a lesser word like DAMN, OKAY?

Case in point, I want to sellĀ  our Log Cabin and the Shop (which the shop was HIS idea-by the way) with us moving back to the property we still own on the Highway going out of town toward Cartersville. We lived in that house for six years, before we moved into this Log Cabin seven years ago. He thought we would sell that property and pay off all we owed. That was just as the financial crisis hit; housing prices fell out the bottom, the war in Iran started, gas prices soared, and it was all we could do to keep jobs going. Not ONE person would consider buying anything. Nothing has changed on that score, so far.

We do have a couple living in the three bedroom, two full baths, eighteen hundred square foot house, on one level with a full front porch and a large back porch on two acres, with a barn and a storage building. They have three children. I know they are taking care of our home because she takes great care and she is cleaner than I am. That is not the problem. They want to buy the property, but they don’t make enough money. He has had a bad car wreck a couple of months ago and cannot work. I don’t think he will EVER be able to go back to work. If he gets an insurance claim settled (in years to come) maybe he could afford to buy it. Who knows!!

If Obama gets elected on Tuesday, we are sunk. We will have to close the doors on ‘the husband’s’ business. ‘The Man’ is an electrical substation maintenance repair Contractor, but with regulations, taxes, price of diesel, workman’s compensation, insurance, Obama-care, and the list goes on…we cannot afford to stay in business. We have to get out of debt!! I don’t want to lose everything!! We are going to lose it all, if we don’t sell soon!

Oh and the story of how we got the Log Cabin is a story for a couple of bottles of wine and a cool night around a bonfire!! But I will keep it short over your cup of hot chocolate!!

The first time I met ‘the man’ he told me he had always dreamed of one day living in a log cabin. He daydreamed with me for years of being able to build a log cabin. Every time we thought we would be close to getting on solid ground for that cabin, the rug would slip. In 2005 he had been renting the shop from the owner of the log cabin. When the owner wanted to sell the shop to ‘the man’, he made him an offer to sell him the Log Cabin and the Shop.

I remember going to see the house and thinking it was just too small. We didn’t think any more about it, because it just wasn’t going to work.

April 1, 2005 ‘the man’ drove all the way to Alabama to my sister’s, where I was visiting, to ask me face to face, if I would reconsider. The owner had made him and offer that was just too good to pass up! He was asking only $265,000 for the shop, house and five acres of land. The house had a double car garage, an in-ground pool, and the shop was all he would need for his business. This was his dream, to own a LOG CABIN.

I saw the look on his face, and how could I say NO to those eyes? It didn’t make any difference to him that we would be moving into a house that had less than 1300 square feet when we had been living in a house with over eighteen hundred square feet, a storage building and a barn.

He drove back to Georgia on a cloud because I told him YES, we could accept it, if it meant that much to him.

Do you remember the movie “The Money Pit”? Well friends and neighbors this is what we moved into without a doubt!! Almost every floor had to be removed down to the floor joist because of water damages. Tile floors had to be removed and kitchen cabinets had to be replaced due to water damage. I could tell you in a novel of details all the things we had to do to make this house liveable, but it is now. It is beautiful!! A few things we had to do was to replace windows, put in a claw-foot tub, walk-in pantry, took in old porch and made a dining room. We had to put in a new stair system, going upstairs, because when we had it checked, THREE nails was all that held up the entire staircase. OMG!! That is just to start.

Now, we owe so much, because we had to borrow against the equity on this place so many times to keep the doors to the business open. When we stopped charging what we don’t have, and cut up all our credit cards, we started paying off our credit cards. All of his are paid off. Mine are NOT! His truck is paid off. My car is NOT! Do you get the drift?

I want to be out of debt!! I want to move back out to the other house and fix it up! ‘The man’ keeps saying he doesn’t think we could ever get out of this place what we would have to get for it to be worth what we need to make it worth our while to move. We could get more for this than any other place!! Sell the shop (he had a buyer and never called them) if the renter can’t buy it. (He hasn’t even discussed it with him yet!) Mercy, don’t wait until it’s too late and we start losing it all……..for the love of God!! FRUSTRATING is not the word!!!

Being a believer helps me! I am completely leaving this one in the hands of God. Whichever HE wants for us is exactly what I am going to have without worry or fret! There is not one thing I can do about it anyway!! ‘The Man’ is the Head of My Home and God is the head of him.



Goodbye Sue

I had to say Goodbye to a good friend today…so you will have to wait on “my life” and listen while I tell you about HER’S.

She was the woman who asked me to come to a Christian Women’s Club, several times, before I finally said YES. As a matter of fact, the reason I did go was because they were having it at Rose Lawn. That place was a beautiful museum that I didn’t feel I could afford to go into on my own. She had invited me to a luncheon and she was paying. I couldn’t say no.

That was in 2001 and I was involved with Christian Women’s Club to the point of becoming a speaker for almost five years, a Vice-chair for the group two years and had recently gone back to the group again, as Vice-chair. My health had gotten so bad I had to give up all my traveling and my work, even in the group. She was everyone’s touchstone. If you wanted, or needed anything, she was always there. She had the answer.

You know the Energizer Bunny…..that was who she was to us. To EVERYONE!!

About a month ago she went to Gatlinburg with her family. She was short of breathe and tired. She couldn’t even walk up a flight of stairs. She was having pain in her chest but she thought it was just something she ate. She went to the doctor and they put her in ICU immediately. She had had a heart attack. She needed a triple by-pass but her heart was so weak she couldn’t have it. Saturday they did a triple stint. She coded six times from Saturday to Monday morning. They kept bringing her back.

Monday morning she sat up at 9am completely okay, laughing and talking. She was doing great! Everyone thought she had turned the corner.

She died at 11 am.

We had her wake tonight, 6pm to 9pm and her funeral is tomorrow at 4pm. She is already in the arms of Jesus!! I paid my respects. I will wait to see her again, in heaven.


When I am up at 12:35am and people see me on-line even earlier, they want to know why…I tell them I am praying. They want to know what I am worrying about. I tell them again. I’m praying. I learned, not so long ago…worry only makes your hair turn grey, the wrinkles in your face deeper and it doesn’t add one day to your life. God is going to be UP. Talk to HIM. Pray. And GO TO BED.