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Well, YOU WILL NEVER GUESS WHAT HAPPENED ON THE WAY BACK from Jaye’s… in the exact same place as before, the little motorcycle cop said I was going 72 MPH in a 55 mph zone. The car that pulled off ahead of me, he waved on. I was pulling around them to go on down the road and the cycle cop turned on his siren, waved that car on, and motioned for me to pull off across the road. I did! He came up to my window saying he lasered me at 72. I asked him if he did, why didn’t he also give the man in front of me one. He said, because they weren’t speeding. I told him I was following them. If they were not speeding, I wasn’t either. He said he would be right back. He wrote it out, and reduced it to 66 in a 55. I am taking it to the Supreme Court, if I have to. Be blamed if I am paying this ticket!! It is a blame speed trap, and I was NOT SPEEDING!!! I put on my brakes, because the man in front of me was breaking when he saw the cop, but not because we were speeding. I am going to find out how many cars just like mine have been stopped in that area!! If I have been targeted, I swear I will own that blame Cherokee County, GA!!!

LIVID!!  I am just blame LIVID!! I am writing a letter to Cherokee County State Court, to the State Court of GA and to my Senators and to my Governor. I am not going to pay this ticket!!


“God Did NOT Do This”

I have just been heartbroken! Watching the tragic scenes from CT has made me stop and think about my beautiful grandchildren. My grandchildren are prayed into the hands of God every day, because I am not able to keep them SAFE, any more than any parent, or grandparent. We live in a world that has EVIL in it.
God did not do this; a man that was SICK killed 20 children, six adults, and himself, shooting two or three more. God allowed him to do it. God, however, took the children home, with HIM, the moment their eyes closed in death.We can hope and pray that the adults had a close and personal relationship with Jesus Christ so they are with Him also.
We need to put God back into Schools, and prayers before them, instead of telling them it is not needed. NOW we have the opportunity to CHANGE things, Mr. Obama. YOU can CHANGE something…..change the way we teach our children at school. Put prayers, God and patriotism back in schools. Do you think he will do that? I don’t! I just keep putting my grandkids in the hands of God….certainly not in the hands of our government officials.
“Parents teach our children well….teach them God is with them every day, in every way, no matter what, HE is here to stay!” ~~Dee Bradley.

“From the Porch”

Beth sat on the front porch of her grandmother’s home. She was on the front row of the drag race every Saturday night. The boys from the country loved to drag race down the middle of town, showing which one of them had the faster car.

Beth could tell which cars belonged to the McDougal’s boys, and to the Cowall boys, but she had trouble telling when the Jones boys came to run. The cars would line up, two by two, in front of Wilson’s store, which was next door to her Grandmother’s house.  There was at least a quarter of a mile straight road until you got to the curve at the High School. The start would be a squeal of tires, burning rubber with white smoke wafting down to ‘the porch’. All one could see for a few moments was the white lights floating through the smoke until the red taillights past the porch. She held her breath, hoping the cars would not run into each other, as they swerved into the curve and out of sight. All the kids in school knew who those boys were, and the grown-ups wanted the drag racing stopped. The adults called the police.

Since this drag race happened thirteen- miles out in the county, the boys would be gone before law ever saw, or heard, what they endured. That was what the grandparents thought; they had to ‘endure’ that drag race. The kids loved it.

Maybe Beth was not supposed to love the excitement of these Saturday nights, but she looked forward to the races. She loved the red and white ’57 Chevrolet that belonged to Johnny Cowall. He not only had the faster car, he had black hair, blue eyes and the tall physique. Beth thought he was the best-looking person she had ever seen. He was nice to everyone with his shy smile and quiet ‘hello’.

Now, the McDougal boys were something different. They were loud, boisterous and just plain mean. Nevertheless, everyone said those boys would give you the shirts off their backs, if you ask them, or they knew you needed it. However, Beth did not like them because they never looked at you in the eye, or made you feel like they would smile if their life depended on it. She never gave much thought to the other boys because their cars were bad.

By the way, Beth remembers so well, she could not have been much older than fourteen years old. Her family lived with her Grandmother and Granddaddy one complete winter. They would sit out on the porch, watching the races, wrapped in flannel pajamas and winter coats. Cousins would be visiting some weekends, and they made a party out of it, eating roasted peanuts, pecans and sipping hot chocolate.

When the law would arrive, the races would have been over for at least ten minutes, so they would be off the front porch, inside by the open fireplace. The cousins and Beth would unwrap bodies and be warming up, singing or playing games.

The last time she remembered sitting on the front porch, watching a drag race on Highway 22 East, was an early spring morning. The boys lined up, with their shiny cars ready to prove one more time, which one had the faster car. This time, a new person lined up to race. Beth had never seen him before. She did not think her Granddaddy knew who he was either, and her Granddaddy knew everyone in town. The air filled with anticipation and concern.

She did not know who dropped the start flag early that evening, but a shrill scream came out of nowhere. The type of scream you hear in a horror film. It was louder than the shrill of the tires and it went on with such force. They all froze, looking toward the cars.  Beth saw two cars sliding into each other and then into the people standing on the edge of the road: eyes filled with fear, mouths covered by hands, tears streaming down their cheeks, people were going into shock.

There on the pavement lay the new person, motionless. His eyes were wide open and you could tell there was no light in those eyes. One of the girls started screaming, hysterically. Beth’s mother was trying to get her to calm down. Beth’s daddy was over the boy, trying to find some sign of life. There was none. Her Granddaddy was telling her uncle to call the ambulance and tell the police what had happened. They needed to get here faster than they had before. It seemed like only moments the night had become full of lights, sirens and cries. Someone had called the boys family. They had arrived.

Beth’s Grandmother tried her best to get all of her grand kids to come back to ‘the porch’. She did not get that wish. The scene was something the children seemed they could not look away from, as hard as she tried to make them. Even when the ambulance picked up the boys lifeless body, placed it on the gurney, and covered him with the sheet, they could not look away. Beth’s mother had to keep the screaming girl from climbing on the gurney. The girl became more upset, as they passed her.

By that time, the girl’s parents came to the race. Beth wished they had been there earlier. Beth needed her mother with her.  She needed to ask her questions. Her Grandmother could not say anything except, ‘Let’s go back to ‘the porch’ child!’ She wanted to scream, “I can’t!”

Her daddy finally got up off his knees. Beth did not see how much blood he had on his hands until he stood up. She thought the boy was only hurt a little. She did not realize he was bleeding and her daddy was trying to stop all that blood. When she saw her Daddy’s face, he was pale as death. He was crying. Beth had never seen her daddy cry. He was searching the crowd for her mother. She looked up and caught his eye. She turned over the screaming girl to her parents and walked over to Beth’s dad, took him by the hand and led him out of the crowd. She walked him across the road, down to her Grandmother’s house, and through the side door. Beth started to go with them but her Grandmother put her hand on her shoulder, shaking her head saying, “No child. Stay with me!” She did not understand, but she knew not to argue. Her grandmother had that look on her face and that tone in her voice.

Beth looked for her Granddaddy. He was talking with the Policeman. He was telling them what he saw. She knew the Police would listen to him. Her Granddaddy was such a man of his word, that if he said it, you could believe it. He would never say a thing that was not pure truth.

It took about an hour for everyone to clear out and go home. People kept milling around, asking questions. Her Grandmother told the story, repeatedly. She finally said she was going back to ‘the porch’. Several people followed them.

That was the last time she saw a drag race from her vantage point. Those boys, so proud of their fast cars, never did pull up in front of Wilson’s store to drag race again.

She did not know the boy that died was a brother to one of the boys in the cars until Sunday at church. He and his brother were only visiting with his parents for the spring break.  He had met the girl two days prior. She was so upset, because she had dropped the flag that night. Beth’s mother knew the girl since she was born. That is why she went to her so fast. Beth’s Daddy never got over the fact that he held that boy in his arms, listening to his confession of faith, while he died. Beth said she heard her daddy cry over his death for years to come, but her Daddy was glad that boy had given his heart to Jesus.

Now, almost every time Beth hears tires squeal and she sees white smoke, she thinks of that spring evening. She thinks of the races from ‘the porch’. Beth never forgot the cry of the girl that lost the boy, or the cries of the parents that lost their son.

I am Beth’s best friend. I am the girl that lost the boy that night. I am the girl who dropped the flag. I am the one that saw the car crash into the boy. His brother was driving the car that night that killed him.


Beth and I grew up a year that night, from ‘the porch’.

“No Wearing Pants”

I went to the old churches with the hand held Funeral Home fans, where ladies with their hats and gloves were the norm. The men came in with their fedora hats, and everyone was dressed to the nine’s. The men, smelling of shoe polish and Aqua Velva. Proper ladies did not wear perfume to church. That would be unseemly.

There was NO WEARING PANTS for a woman at church in my youth. We didn’t even wear pants to Vacation Bible School in the summer.  You might think I am older than dirt. I was born in 1951.

I imagine there are several of you out there that feel just like I do. People today do not appreciate or have reverence for the house of the Lord. They come to CHURCH in clothes they would not wear to work. If a pair of ragged blue jeans is all one has to wear, that is one thing. God does not care what is on your back, but what is in your heart. However, if you don’t have anything to wear, someone would gladly buy you a pair of dress jeans to wear to church, if you had a need.

I have gone to church in pants. I had one church member tell me I was not welcomed in pants. I would never go back into that church for any reason. Nevertheless, I know the reason they told me was not with a clear heart. I now know it is not if you wear pants, because several ‘ladies’ I know wear pants to church, but they are not rags. They have respect for the house of God.

When I go into the Church, I go with the Spirit of Jesus already in my heart, and the singing and worship just stirs the Spirit within me. The Spirit helps me to know what I must do in the coming days, weeks and months.

I have found I cannot stay out of church. When I do, the devil comes in and throws all sorts of wrenches in my plans. When I make plans, and I don’t let that Spirit guide me, God just laughs out loud.

Dee Bradley


That is not the Answer!!

I had a dear friend that put a post on Facebook tonight about the Newtown, CT deaths of the 20 children, 5 teachers, the shooter and the shooters mom (who was the Kindergarten teacher at the school where the twenty-year old went on the spree).

Several people are going to jump on the wagon to take away all guns! That is not the answer!! This is what I wrote, but I am taking out her name. She has every right to believe how she wants. So do I.

You are right (–), arm them with the Bible. Put the word in their heart so they will KNOW what is right and wrong in all things. But you cannot tell me that you do not believe in the 2nd Amendment. What would have happened if someone in the school had had training to handle the situation against an armed intruder, and they were armed? Not everyone, but ONE person who is trained in what to do? Don’t you think that big churches have armed people in their sanctuaries on Sunday? They do! And when you get on a plane, there are air marshals on each plane. And it won’t be long before there will be one in every theater, mall, and multi-activity area in the United States, or more. We cannot give up our ability to defend ourselves. The criminals won’t give up their guns!! We have to keep God in front of us, speak up when we feel strongly about something, and know what the Bible says about a situation. When all lines up with the word, we can defend ourselves. God will help those who will help themselves.”

I believe several people won’t agree with me, but I have only ONE person I am aiming to please, and I think HE knows where my heart is with this situation.

Lord, be with the families that lost those babies and the teachers that tried to save them, yet lost their lives. Be with the man that lost his brother, mother and father today.


In that Still Small Voice

I downloaded a Bible app on my laptop and phone. I just thought it would be cool to have it. Little did I know, the app would prompt me to read a verse out of the Bible, my choice of translation, each day and listen for the Lord to answer a particular prayer for each day.

I knew I needed to do MORE than I had been doing. I pray EVERY day, sometimes all day! However, I needed to set a special ‘get down to business-stop everything you’re doing-Listen for His Answers’ Prayer Time. Well, I have to say, when you ‘seek ye first the kingdom of heaven, all these other things will be added unto you’.  He answered my prayer in record time, for me.

I was praying and asking God what He wanted me to do about ‘spending my time wisely’! How did He want me to spend the remaining days I have on this planet? I know He wants me to do certain things, like going to church, help the needy, tithe, love the ones not so lovable, and not think of myself as poorly as I do, but not higher than anyone else. HE LOVES ME…Why shouldn’t I love me too? He wants me to be joyful. The Bible says, “Joy comes in the morning…” I cannot find any place in those pages that states we will be HAPPY!! We are to be content in all things, good and bad.

Tests come into our lives for a reason. We are not growing and learning when we are having a ‘good time’!! The only times we become more and closer to what we are supposed to be is when we are being tested, pruned and cleaned. Holiness is not easy these days, but it so worth the effort! When I keep my eyes, and ears, on Jesus, it is not as hard! If I let the ways of the world take my heart away from the way He wants me to go, I am down the road that keeps me torn up INSIDE. Heart, Mind, Body and then the Soul.

When I was in prayer, asking God to show me what He wanted for me, I let Him know what I saw my future to be. I asked Him what He wanted for me. He made it so crystal clear, with a confirmation, that I am to finish my novels. He is already making my paths straight…and when the time is right, I can get them published. I am to work on my discipline, weight, be a good friend, be a good grandmother/mother/YOM and work on my self-talk. God Loves me!! I keep telling myself that!! If He does, why should I love me?

The best thing I can give me for Christmas is a good next year! By this time next year, I have a goal to have at least one book at the publisher. I want to be involved in all aspects of putting the book out there, so I know what I have to do. God is going to be my editor!!

He spoke to my heart, in that still small voice. I know it was HIM. It feels so good when you pray, knowing He answered your prayer in such a clear way. I am so thankful to my Lord! It is amazing how He can use a ‘cracked pot’ like me, but I am glad he does. I can’t wait to see where He carries us this next year, and what He wants me to write.

Check back often…it should be fun!!

In that still small voice!!


Don’t hold on to a bird to hard…

Don’t you know you can’t change anyone? You can only change YOU. It is not up to you to change them. You do for you, and if they are not strong enough, YOU let him GO!! God will send you someone so much better!!

If you hold onto a bird to hard, you crush him. If you tenderly hold him, he will fly, but return, when he knows he has wings to fly.


Found Sister Mary Catherine

STREP THROAT…I found my Caye Burch at Floyd Primary in Rockmart…YES!! Got two shots, azithromycin, stay in bed for a week, not around anyone, drink lots (what I can), and pray I am alive when ‘the husband’ gets back home on Thursday! My little Lauren had ‘strep’ Saturday night at our Christmas party, so Grammie got it too.
I guess this is a good time to ‘WRITE’…I don’t feel like standing up!

I was so glad I found Caye…she was Dr. James Douglas’ physicians assistant, and her nickname with all the people in Rome that she helped to teach was Sister Mary Catherine. I am so glad I found her!! I was glad that the people at Dr. Douglas’ office told me where she was working. She is my doctor!! The best one!!

Prayers would be greatly appreciated, so I can be up and around by Christmas Day.


Bradley Christmas 2012

Bradley Christmas 2012

One more Christmas down….just wonderful!! The children were GREAT!! They are big enough to mind, well mostly!

Jaye’s three have grown up so much, and Hayley has always been good. Her mouth is just a little to smart for me, but she is smart! She just acts grown, because she has always been with grown-ups! And Sam! If I had him for a week, I would get so much of that spoiled baby mess out of him. I know he is three, but he needs some Dee BRADLEY straightening out! Yeah, about a week would do it.

He spit at me tonight, and I almost had a fit. He thought he would get by with it. WRONG!! I would have torn his little butt off, if he had spit ON me. He had my hands on him tonight before I could stop myself, and I made him know it was not right. I will not allow that in my house, and his daddy did not say ONE WORD!! If he had, I would have done something to him, and so would Poppie.

We had a great time with the kids….all of them. Even the big ones! All this happened after they were tired…full of sweet smores, and it was LATE.

We had a bonfire in the fire-pit out by the pond. The kids loved it! Nate didn’t stay outside with us. He was so tired, he slept all the time we were outside. When we came back in, he woke up. They loved roasting marshmallows. I didn’t get one!!

I read the Christmas story for the kids while we were outside…and they almost listened. We tried to sing songs, and nobody would sing. Hayley read them. After that went so well, we went inside.

Poppie didn’t cook this year, like he usually does. We had more kid friendly food this year; Chicken wings, sausage balls, dips, chips, fruit, cheese tray and I made a key lime cake. Poppie bought an egg custard and tea. That was IT. We didn’t have anything to do but put the mess in the trash.

I think the kids really enjoyed themselves, but I made a real mistake today. I gave Lauren a toy and didn’t give Hayley one. OMG….I thought the world was coming to an end. Last time that will happen!! If there is another Christmas I live in, all children will get a toy. PERIOD!! I won’t bore everyone with what everyone received, but they all seemed to like their gifts.

Hoping all of you will have as Blessed a Christmas as I have had and we all remember the reason for the season!! Jesus Christ was born!!




Pray for Harriet



Today was a BETTER day than yesterday, but barely…

Since I had to go pay a $175 speeding ticket yesterday, in Cherokee County, I thought today I would get something accomplished. How was I to know this would be so utterly wrong?

I was supposed to go out to Wally-World and buy Christmas gifts. Didn’t happen!! I needed to work on my quilts for the kids. Didn’t happen!! All I got to do was wash and dry two loads of clothes. Yeah!! The maid is coming tomorrow!

After going to see the spine doctor yesterday afternoon, I was told (as if I didn’t already know) I have the worst case of spinal stenosis she had ever known. She asked me how I walked for the obvious pain I must feel. When I got up off the chair, to walk across the floor, my knee sounds like a rifle shot. She said, ‘well that has to hurt!’

I do honestly believe, if a doctor told me I had to take chemo again, I would just have to say, “NOT NO, But NO to the MAX”!! That mess ruined me! I am in PAIN with neuropathy to the point of constant pain and I can’t take anything for it because of my heart, which it also destroyed. I stand up, and I have to wait until my feet get feeling in them, so I can stand to walk, it hurts so bad. Then the spinal stenosis begins. Then the arthritis in every joint. Then comes the fibromyalgia. And it goes on and on!! But Lord, at Least I am above ground and some family members doesn’t like me to tell how bad it is. They think I am asking for sympathy!! For the Love of all that is good and decent….there is nothing in this world farther from the truth!! I don’t want anyone’s sympathy!!! I would like a pinch of UNDERSTANDING when I tell someone I can’t go shopping all day, or I can’t sit in a movie theater, then get up and walk out without holding on to them, afraid I am going to fall embarrassing them.

The doctor I am going to see tomorrow at 10:30am will be doing a test on my feet to see how much damage the nerves have been subjected. If there is no help, then I will find a way to live with it.

I will live with it, no matter what. I just hope I will not have to live with such pain for the rest of my life.

Losing 120 pounds wouldn’t hurt either.