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Goals for the coming Five months

If there ever was a song, hidden deep down in my soul, needing to find its way to the surface to the light, it has to be now at three in the morning.

I don’t think I have ever been as bloody tired and sleepy, yet my mind will not stop, or even slow down tonight.  I have taken my meds, so don’t go there friends! I don’t know what is wrong with the old girl tonight, but I feel like I am on a gerbil wheel and the thing is flying.

Most days I don’t do half what I did today. I washed clothes, carried a plat downtown to have it copied at my Real Estate ladies office, went out to the house and cleaned all the tops of the kitchen cabinets (inside and out), and came back to this house to clean up the kitchen.

In a few hours I have to paint all the furniture I plan on keeping in the move out to the other property. I am so looking forward to that move. I go out to that house and I feel so different. I enjoy living out there so much. I look forward to making it our home. I am going to make our bedroom a cool, enjoyable place to retreat. The master bath will be a spa with candles and deep rich towels and perfumed soaps. A bottle of bubbles will be on the side of the tub with a glass for me….and if he wants to join me, that’s okay….and if not, it’s up to him. It is going to be five o’clock somewhere everyday for me. That is going to be my one hour dedicated to me and my hour. I will soak, pray, meditate, listen to my music and relax to be thankful for what I have in this world.

Goals are things I hope to accomplish….but if we don’t put them down, they are only dreams in the air. My goals for the up-coming five months go like this:

1. Get up early and read my Bible, pray, exercise.

2. Shower, dress in business attire, FULL make-up & hair fixed.

3. Full breakfast=Protein Drink

4. Write for four hours…Monday – Thursday

5. 2pm -4pm lunch break=Protein Drink

6. Walk or ride bike 30 minutes outside!! Soak in the tub…

7. Friday, clean house all day

8. Saturday, clean yards all day

9. Sunday, go to church all day

10. Only eat light at night….and keep a track of what you ate all day. Make sure I eat enough. No Sugar!! No stupid carbs…but good carbs.

I am going to be happy, and I am going to be satisfied. I have a choice and I have accepted this is how it is going to be. I want things to be different, and if they are going to be, it starts with me. If I am going to be looking different when we board that plane February 28, 2014, then I have to do something about it now. I know what I have to do, and now is the start.

Wish me well….those two days in Dallas should be interesting. This is the motivation for my change. I know I need to and the thoughts of seeing those people again, this big, just makes me shiver. I want to be thinner than they have ever seen me, and with God’s help I can do this. I know it won’t be easy, but it will be so worth it. I will say my devotions daily and read my Bible on my weight loss, and with God’s guiding hand, I can do it.

I am not putting a pound amount on this, I am leaving it in the Lord’s hands. He will guide me and I put ME in His hands. I know that I need HIS help. I am asking Him for help. I am so helpless without Him.

You will see pictures of me along the way…and I will post how I am doing each week: good, bad or otherwise.

Please pray for me. I am going to need it.

Deliska Bradley

9/25/2013 4:13am





Dinner with Jaye and children

Yes, it’s been a while since I wrote anything! I’ve been so busy, I have wished I could say, “I’m bored!” I can’t say that now! When I want to be, I have so much coming down on my head.

I went out to dinner with Jaye and his children this evening. It was really nice getting to see the children again. They are growing up so fast! I can’t get over how they change so much each time I see them. Lauren had lost more teeth on the front, and Nate’s teeth are coming in more, and Carter is growing taller!! Carter thinks he is so slick and smooth, he can pull the wool over every one’s eyes. He went to the restroom with his hand-held video game/phone, and he was gone so long, I told Jaye to go get him. I was worried about him. He did and he said he knew he was in there. He didn’t call out to him.

Jaye got on his phone and tried to call him. The line was busy. When Carter got back I told him I knew what he was doing, and he said no, his stomach was hurting. I looked at him and he started smiling. I told him not to blow smoke up my nose…it wasn’t a smoke stack…he just smiled!

Mama had to be taken to the hospital today and Denise called while we were having dinner. I just knew mother had a stroke but the CT Scan didn’t show anything. Her labs didn’t show anything either. There wasn’t anything they could find, but something happened. Mother doesn’t do this. She is slipping really fast and something will take her out fast, I hope. I hope she doesn’t hang on for a long time. She wouldn’t want that.

I am going over tomorrow to see mother. Mama has to be better……I have to be home Sunday. I have to move in to our new home next week. All alone again.

Deliska Bradley



The donkey in the Well

Genesis 50:20

I have felt like the old donkey being thrown in the well. The owner was throwing stuff in on top of him instead of trying to get him out. But the old donkey kept stomping down the mess all around him until he stepped out of the well. I could have let all the stuff fall on my head and not do anything. Glad I knew to keep stomping down the stuff falling all around me. I stepped out of that deep well years ago. I have to stop letting people tell me I need to go back to where I came from…I am FREE.  I shake off trash sometimes daily, and I am moving on!!~db

Deliska Bradley


Friday 13th….I am not superstitious …. Big Mama you put this on me.


Faith…I walk by faith that is not ‘blind’ for I have the road map of life, my Bible, to guide me along the way. I have the voice of God to listen to when I pray, and I have the Holy Spirit in my heart that quickens my spirit when I do something, or SAY something, that isn’t so pleasing unto my Lord. I don’t know what lays ahead of me in this life, as none of us do.


I am glad I didn’t know what was ahead of me the past twenty-five years. This has been a true delight and adventure. I stood on the side of the stream of life that the Lord gave me when I truly turned my life over to HIM on October 26, 1988 and I held my nose and JUMPED in. He has taken me to places I have never thought I would see and I have done things I never thought would be possible. I spoke in front of people I never would have imagined, the largest group was about 500, and I’ve seen many men and women give their hearts to the Lord through Jesus Christ. I’ve led a little boy to the Lord after a Vacation Bible School with him sitting in the back seat of my car…and I still keep up with him to this day. He’s grown.


We all struggle with Life’s ups and downs, and I am no different. My health was such I had to stop traveling to speak, and I have arthritis in my spine so bad it hurts to move. My feet don’t want to walk sometimes, but my mouth hasn’t stopped working so I can tell what Jesus has done for me.


He saw my MESS and gave me a message. He took my TEST and gave me a testimony. He saw I was a cracked vessel and he put me back on the potter’s wheel and reworked me, until he could use me for His glory. He is not through with me yet. He keeps on leaving me here through bouts of ‘cancer’ and heart attacks and I keep telling Him…’if I had known I was going to live this long Lord, I would have taken better care of myself’. He told me, ‘it’s in the Bible, girlfriend. Your Body is the Temple of the Lord.’ I said, “Yes Sir… Sorry.”


I hope you are living by FAITH…and your crooked places made straight. Jesus will do these things and not forsake you.

Praise the Lord, He hasn’t forsaken me!!


I still have my sense of humor. God gave me that too.

Deliska Bradley 9/10/2013

WAR with Syria

I do not want Obama to go to war with Syria. The reason, Obama got off his teleprompter and stuck her bloody foot in his mouth up to his knee! He has no business in Washington being our President in the first place, and he has no better sense than open his alligator mouth that just over-loaded his hummingbird butt.

The USA cannot AFFORD to be in another WAR. In case he hasn’t noticed, the USA is BROKE due to he and his lovely wife taking ‘vacations’ all over the world the past five years, keeping the USA in a war in Afghanistan, and Iraq, and the reasons go on. On top of that, why go over and bomb them for doing what they are doing to themselves? We can stay here and not be in harms way! They want to KILL US.

I am not considered the brightest bulb in the hall, but even I know we don’t need to go step in a civil war that has been going on in Syria since Biblical times. That war will never be any different. EVER!! And they want all of us dead!! We have no right to go over there and tell them anything. If the rest of the world won’t go to help us, leave them alone. If their own people won’t stand up, why should we go and help the ones that would slit our throats when we got there. They hate us worse than the ones that killed them.

Please God, don’t let Obama send us back into war!!

Deliska Bradley