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This Year, Shopping Will Be Small…

This year my shopping will be so small you will have to have a Microscope to see it. I’ve told my kids not to expect from us. With Ray out of work since March, we are just this side of broken. We are so blessed to be in a warm house with clothes on our back, food on the table, shoes on our feet, and the ability to help others that have nothing. I will ‘give’ a small gift, but nothing like I usually do.

The children don’t know thirty minutes later what Grammie gave them. I will stand them up against the wall, take their measurement, like I do every year. I took down the measurement off the wall we left at the other house, so I didn’t lose those memories. I am getting it ready to mark this wall, with memories here. That is what they will remember, not a GIFT. They will remember the ONE day a year their Grammie had every one of her grandchildren, and her children, to come to her house at Christmas. The kids never come at one time but once a year, at Christmas. I get a picture of my family. And Ray cooks.

Merry Christmas!