Archive | December 2013

Would you jump off a Bridge?

We’re Friends. You Laugh, I laugh. You Cry, I Cry. You Jump off a Bridge, I get my boat and paddle out and get your retarded ass!

I remember what I told Cleta, when she was in Turkey…I was scared to death. The fighting kept getting closer and closer to her. I told her I would send her a camel to get her to the edge of town, a motorcycle to the edge of the water, a dingy to the boat, and a boat to get her across the big pond, but be blamed if I would come over there and get her and Vinnie. Those bombs did not care who they blew up. The bombs didn’t realize I was a Southern Lady who had no business in their mess….I was just there to get my two “best-est” friends out of the country… I can understand this saying really well…I used to jump off bridges with friends….NOPE, now I’ll send a boat!!

Dee Bradley