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Broke my computer

I cannot tell you the Sick feeling in my stomach, when I came home yesterday, sat down in my chair realizing I had let my computer slide under the edge and I rocked down, breaking the LED desktop on my laptop. 

It isn’t just broken, it is shattered. I called HP to find out how much a new  screen would cost and the GRAND TOTAL was $699. Bloody crazy! I can buy a new computer for $489.

Now all I have to do I talk to WRB…wish me luck…



Books Transport Me….When Money is Scarce!!

I read all the time when I was growing up! I’ve traveled for years and never left home…and when I did get to travel, the first place I found myself was on the back of a horse, on top of a mountainside in Montana. I was overlooking the most beautiful valley. The flowers were in bloom and the air was so sweet and clean. The sky was such a robin’s egg blue and just a few wispy white clouds in the sky made you think of spun sugar. I could have died that day and been at complete peace in my soul. This was way over twenty years ago and I was breathless.

The Dales, Washington State. Space Needle, Seattle. Sitka Bay, Alaska. Cody, WY for the 4th of July Parade. Paris, France on the Eiffel Tower. Algonquin Park, Canada in a RV-4 Plane flying through a canyon. Flying over the Grand Canyon, Arizona in a helicopter. Never matched that trip to Montana. That was my best vacation of my entire life. Johnny and Bonnie Campbell was our guide…

I have sleepd in a few tents in bear country on several occasions with bear spray on my side…but the last time was in WY in 2007 when I could not get out of the tent at 2:45am, when my zipper on my sleeping bag would not unzip. I had to be unrolled like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon. Then the zipper on the tent stuck. The sleeping bag wrapped around my ankles as I finally got the blessed tent zipper open, and I was ‘going to the outhouse with my bear spray on my hip’ in a hurry, and I fell face first out the opening of the tent. I looked over my shoulder as I told the ‘HUSBAND’ in a voice only a MAD wife could understand, he had better take a picture of this. He would never, and I mean never, see this again. I would only camp in the Penthouse suite of the nicest hotels in the world, and if he ever asked me to come out to a remote place with him again, to remember this morning, and the cussing he was fixing to get.  The answer would forever be a resounding NO! He could camp alone in the wilderness, the ‘wife’ won’t go!!! We have not camped since…we bought a RV and we don’ t even go in it. As soon as I can, it’s going to be put on the sales lot.

If I can’t FLY, and sleep on 1800 thread count cotton sheets, have a flushable toilet and a hot shower, I AM NOT GOING!! If they don’t serve Continental Breakfast with coffee and a choice of French Vanilla or Hazelnut creamers for my coffee, she’s not showing up!