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I do have a Brain…

Dr. Farber said she did not see anything wrong inside my head. She said I could go back to driving, thank goodness!! I have not had any really BAD headaches since that day, but I have passed out once since then…

I have had a colonoscopy since I saw Dr. Farber.   Thank goodness, I had no polyps or problems at all with that procedure. Now if I can get my cholesterol down and my triglycerides down, I’ll be in good shape. Then of course, I need to lose 100 pounds.

Ray is coming home tomorrow, and I plan on making him a homemade peach cobbler. I am going to go have supper with Jaye and the kids tomorrow afternoon, God willing. I hope he can tell all I have done in the house…I’ve worked until I’m exhausted!

Hope you have a wonderful  day tomorrow!

Deliska Bradley




Dr. Sharon Farber

Last Friday Ray and I made the trek to Chattanooga for the referral Caye Burch, PA made to see Dr. Sharon Farber, a neurologist. Caye wanted to find out why I had passed out June 27th, since she did not believe the ER doctor when it reported to be TMJ.
Dr. Farber came into the room and I almost said, “OH MY GOD” out loud. She looked like a throw-back of an old hippie. Her hair was grey and wiry pulled back in pony-tail which hung down to her butt. She had on a pair of brown gaucho pants and brown boots with a grey coat sweater and a long tunic under the sweater hanging loose over the pants. Her glasses were plane and she did not have on a dab of make-up. I dare say her face had not seen any make-up in years, if then, especially any moisturizer.
I wanted to run, and on top of this, she didn’t even offer to shake our hands. She said, “Hello. Tell me about yourself.”
I didn’t know where to start.
“I understand you have had a few sicknesses? Is this right?” She said.
“Yes, I’ve had cancer and I’ve been sick a few times.” I said really sarcastically.
Then she got on a roll. She was spouting questions and poking me and asking more questions and hitting me with this little hammer, and asking more questions and hitting this tuning fork on my elbow and asking me if I felt anything when she stuck me with this safety-pin. I did when she got up to me knee and she wasn’t just being a pin prick, she was sticking the thing in my leg. It hurt!!
Ray would try to put a word in edgewise. Dr. Farber would talk over him and just go on.

It was about here I realized I was dealing with a pure genius. Dr. Farber may look like an old hippie, but she is a genius!!
I had to stand up. Hold my hands out in front of me. Close my eyes. Stand still. I couldn’t do it. I was rocking and rolling like a ship at sea. I didn’t realize how bad it was until then. I had to touch my finger to my nose. Both hands. One did better than the other. I had to follow her finger with my eyes. I had to follow the light. I told her it hurt for the light to be in my eyes. She said she knew it did. She could tell.
This is when she ordered the MRI. She asked if I had ever had a spinal tap. I told her no. She said she sure wished she had one a week ago, but it wouldn’t do any good to get one now.
Then she wanted me to walk for her. I walked from the chair to the wall, which for me was two steps, and turned around and came back.
She wanted me to put heel to toe and walk. I told her I couldn’t do it. She asked me, “Why can’t you?” I told her, “because I am an old fat woman and my blame legs won’t let me!”
She said, “Then get your fat ass up here on this table!”
I sat down on the table.
We looked at each other and grinned. I told her I had a wicked sense of humor and she said she had none. I don’t believe her.
She went over all my medicines with me. She questioned me repeatedly about the use of phenobarbital. I told her the reason I took it was for rest at night, instead of a sleeping aid. The rest of my medicines she understood the reason I was taking them.
She ordered two blood tests upstairs and I had to go downstairs and have two more. One of those was to see if I was abusing the phenobarbital.
I know Dr. Farber and Caye worry I have kidney failure and liver cancer.  However, if I do, there is nothing I can do about it.
I am not borrowing trouble. I am going to wait on the results.
Caye did the second test and it came back worse than the first one. My kidney is not filtering and my liver enzymes are showing a massive problem with my liver. I either have a problem with my bones, my intestines or I have liver cancer. I have a colonoscopy scheduled the end of July. A bone scan will probably follow soon.
This is why Caye sent me to the neurologist to find out what is wrong. She knew it was outside her ability. She wanted me to go to someone who could find out what was wrong and help me get well.
God is in control of all of this, but the worst thing the doctor did…she said I could not drive. I cannot even go swimming, take a tub bath, climb a ladder, or work heavy equipment (ha!). How am I going to make it not driving?
I have to get better quick. She has to find out I am not at risk of passing out any more. I cannot be without my car and a way to travel! Please!! How can I make it to Canton and back?

Lord, YOU have gotten me through so many dark valley’s and difficult times. I hate to come to you again because you have always been so good to me and I seem to always fail in so many ways. I don’t thank You enough for what you do for me. I don’t ask you first to help me with things, instead I ask you to bless my mess. I don’t read the Bible like I should, because I let all the other things of this world come between me and YOUR Holy Word. And for that I am TRULY sorry. Forgive me for all the ways I fail. I am a sinner. Help me to be a better person and to shine for YOU daily.
May the words of my mouth, and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in thy sight, oh Lord my strength and my redeemer.
‘For I am the way the truth and the life and nobody comes to the Father except by Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ is the Word of the Lord. The Holy Spirit came to guide us daily and the word of the Lord is in the Bible to be our road map in this world. Just read it and know how to live in this place until Jesus comes or we go home to be with Him in Glory!’ Amen

Whatever may come in this journey, Lord, I just hope and pray you will not let me stay here and be a burden on my family. If it is bad, just take me on to Glory to be with YOU Lord. I am ready to go! Don’t let me linger for I am not scared. I am ready to go!
Deliska Bradley