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False Prophets in a Needing World

If you read the Facebook post 8/28/2014 on Victoria and Joel Osteen, you see she said you go to church not to Glorify God, but to glorify yourself. You make God Happy when you make yourself happy. That is a very ‘short version’.

I do not go to church to make God Higher….HE is as high as can ever be! Church is a body of baptized believers, coming together to fellowship, glorify God, praise Him, and hopefully hear a message or two that I can use in every day life. Then I take it out of the doors of the building and ‘WE’ become THE CHURCH outside that building the other six days of the week. #1. Feeding the hungry, clothe the naked, take care of the widows and orphans. #2. Tell others what Jesus Christ has done for me. Invite them to come to Service on Sunday. #3. If you are not hearing from the Lord on a daily basis, get back into your Bible. It is the daily road map. If I don’t, how am I going to know when someone like this comes along with FALSE TEACHINGS?
I pray for Joel and Victoria…I pray someone they look up to will step in and show them the error of their ways. God can open their eyes, if they will get back into the Bible and stop making it about prosperity.
God will grant us the desires of our heart, when each one of us ‘put ye first the kingdom of heaven.’ In God’s will, all is done for us, in God’s timing….I want to be in God’s will, always.
I pray for my grandson, Carter. God knows what he needs. God knows what Jaye, Lori and each one of us need. Lauren is the only one of my grandchildren who has not accepted Jesus as their savior, and I am not sure she understands. Now that Jaye has started taking them back to church, she will. She has to learn the difference between truth and FALSE Prophets.
Dee Bradley

Fergerson–Where a man was killed…


When you leave a mob on the streets, you will have mob actions. These people are not from Fergerson (probably) and if they are, they don’t care about the city or themselves. If they did, they would not be out on the street acting like a pack of wild dogs, tearing up the town. They would be at home, showing respect to their own.

I hate what happened to the man, but the looting action of these people on the street have nothing to do with the police shooting the man. That was supposed to be why they were out having their peaceful protests. Showing their disgust with the police because the man, Michael Brown, was shot when he didn’t have a gun, and he had his hands raised in surrender.

When the video came out, the six foot four inch fellow had strong armed the man at the store. He stole cheap sweet cigars. The man told him he had to pay for them and he walked out with them. The store owner called the police and the police had a APB out for this Michael Brown. When the police spotted him, Brown tried to get the policeman’s gun away from him and he shot him.

This happened the first part of August and they have marched in Fergerson since then…trying to get answers. This past week the police told the name of the policeman who shot Brown. That same afternoon they released the video. It is just a comedy of errors.

Get the people off the street and restore order!! PERIOD!!