Almost have FIRST novella written

I thought my first book would be “Hwy 22 East”, however I was given “Circle B Ranch” first as my dive into writing. I hope to find out all the worst things about writing with this one, and then I can write Hwy…

The other book will take me over a month just to get it down  in some sort of workable story. I know this one is rough. I have not even read through it…and yet I let it go out. What was I thinking?

I don’t even remember who all I sent it to. I will have to go on-line and see if I can remember who I sent it to.

If I remember, maybe they won’t laugh too loud.

Ok….I am exhausted…..I had a biopsy today on my old boob. Possible breast cancer again!! It is a solid mass. Pray it is not. If it isn’t, I am going to go to the doctor’s in Canton, and I am getting on the diet plan. I am going to lose 125 pounds…I don’t care how long it takes!! And when I do get that skinny, I am going to be a force to be reckoned.

God be with me!!



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