Amazing How One Day Can Be So Good…

Isn’t it amazing how one day you can feel so great, and another you feel like the dirt on the bottom of your shoe? Especially when you have fibromyalgia.

I had a GREAT yesterday. I got so much done; feeling like I could rebuild the entire house. Today, I am not able to move. My joints feel like a MAC truck ran over me and the flesh on my legs feel like someone has hot coals running up and down from knees to toes.

Am I ill? Do you think? I am so blame ill I hate myself! Pain makes me ill. I can’t help it.

“Lord, I know this is a way for me to just enjoy sitting and getting some paperwork done on my finances. It is raining and I am listening to good music on the radio. I have gotten all the laundry done, so I am at least moving. Wish I could have gone fishing.”  🙂

I am trying to write every day. I am sticking to keeping the daily weight down.

I’ll write about why I am losing 110 pounds by April 1, 2015…be looking for this one. I’ve got to get courage to write it.


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