Cancer Navigator Retreat Weekend–September 2014


I wanted to get in touch with those of you that do not get on FACEBOOK. I am somewhat addicted, or so I’m told, to that site. I can’t help but know that it is easy to put a line or two on there, so everyone that reads it will know I am doing well, instead of having to call or text everyone.

Most of you know, I had to have emergency surgery on Thursday of last week. I was at Denise’s in Alabama (she is my baby sister) and all of a sudden my left breast just swelled and was really BAD!! I called and believe it or not (the internet is amazing to me still) I sent a picture of that ‘sista’ to my plastic surgeon. They called in antibiotics to the Rite Aid store in Alexander City, AL and believe me, those pills are the ones that cost $10 each and I was taking two at a time three times a day. Does wonders for the system ladies….

I drove home on Tuesday, by myself, because he wanted to SEE me on Wednesday (he was in surgery all day on Tuesday). I was in his office at 8:30am. He said I had a form of skin cancer at the sight of the last incision, which was the reason for the lack of healing. That was also the reason a bacterial infection had gotten behind and around the implant. HURT was not in the ballpark. I was sick!!! I won’t go into more graphic details because it makes me sick to think of it now.

When he got to see me, and examined the ‘sista’ he scheduled surgery the next morning. I told him I wasn’t all together sure I wanted to keep them, since this was my fifth surgery on them since February of last year. I was so blooming disgusted and I wish I could say that was all I said to him. I had what is known in the ‘southern world’ as an old fashion Hissy Fit. If there is another way to spell it, or another way to put it, I am not familiar with how to explain. It is when your face splits and the pure devil runs out and has a FIT!! I got the mama finger out and shook it in the doctor’s face and screamed and used some really nasty language. I had to ask God to forgive me for several of those.

I didn’t have to be at the hospital until 11am on Wednesday, thank goodness, but I couldn’t have coffee or anything to drink. It was late before they got to me and it was really late before I could get anything to eat or drink after I got out that night. Oh yes! I went home Thursday before it was dark. I had a prescription for pain medicine, antibiotics and nausea medicine. I had pain medicine, I didn’t have the money to buy the antibiotics and I seldom ever need nausea medicine, so that was a waste of paper.

I had already been invited to attend the Cancer Navigator Retreat held by Dr. Matt Mumber and Heather Reed weeks before. I cried like a baby when I called to cancel. I told the ladies at the Navigators I had just gotten out of the hospital and could not attend, I was afraid, because I didn’t know how I would do, and I didn’t know what all they would be doing at the retreat. My Navigator called me and said, “YOU ARE GOING!! You can sit home and hurt, or you can go up on the mountain, where there will be a doctor that could take care of you if you have a problem. They will not make you do anything you cannot do. Just go at your own pace. Take your time! I am not cancelling your place!” I prayed all night!

Friday morning I was a little apprehensive about going, but my husband wanted me to go and bless him, he said he would drive me. If I got sick he would come back immediately and get me. He took me up to NW Georgia on Friday and left me there at 3pm and came back Sunday at 2pm to pick me up.

I am Blessed and Highly Favored to have been able to attend such an awesome event which truly changed my mind, body and spirit. I will not TRY to tell you what I learned, for this would do it such an injustice. If I could get you who read to buy a book, this would tell you a little about what we got a glimpse into. The book is “SUSTAINABLE WELLNESS: An Integrative Approach to TRANSFORM Your Mind, Body and Spirit” by Dr. Matt Mumber and Heather Reed. They were the facilitator of the weekend and spent every waking hour with us. It was truly amazing what they taught us.

And the FOOD was strictly the best I have ever had…it was made fresh by two ladies that came in to do nothing but cook for us. “Meals on Heels” is the name of the company, and her name is Kathy Patrick. Fresh, organic food that was delicious and good for you? Don’t tell me you can’t eat this way and be satisfied!! I know different now! She does parties, luncheons and will cook if given the right time frame and motivation. She might teach …. this is my only hope!

I wish everyone of you could go to a Retreat for the Cancer Navigators of Rome, GA. But if you hear of a fund raiser, or you could do anything to help raise money for the organization, please do so. We need every penny we can get. This is a 501c3 Non-Profit that Dr. Mumber set up himself, and with Heather’s help, puts on these wonderful retreats to give back. He is a radiation therapist (his humble self) with a wife and three kids that live in Rome, GA. She is a wife, mother of one son, lives in Austin, TX and does yoga and is one of the most spiritual people I have ever met. Between the two, I felt I was in the presence of greatness all weekend and so blessed to be close to people who could show me how to get closer to God just by breathing!

And they did!

Dee Bradley