Joey Feek

As I type this, through tears pouring down my face, I ask those reading this PLEASE take a
moment of your day to pray for Joey.

God, please be with her and heal her body. Be with the surgeons. Be with Rory and let
him know how much we pray for him and the rest of the family…little Indy and their grown
Dear Lord, for those of us who have heard the words, “It’s Cancer”, we can relate to the
fear, but YOU are magnified in our weakness.

Father in Heaven, please, hear this prayer and all the other prayers from all the others
who have fallen in love with Joey and Rory, hear our hearts. Their love is what songs are
written for.
Help us Lord to always keep a smile on our face, as Joey does, and sing, “I Need Thee
Every Hour”!

My Three I Miss

Jan, Connie and Johnny…I miss them all……but I wouldn’t wish them back here to suffer. They are tending the garden, finding the best fishing spot, and scouting the hunting area in heaven…and after we get through Praising Our Savior for a million years, we might want to take a day to work a garden, or go fishing, or go for a hunt. They will have the places all ready.

We won’t go by time. We won’t punch a clock. We won’t have to sleep, or eat, or rest, or fuss or get tired or hurt….oh Praise God….there will be no CANCER or pain, or tears, or death, or separation of loved ones, ever again…Oh God, please please please tell Jesus it’s time to come and get His Bride…in the morning is a good time for you to split the Eastern Sky.

I hope and pray everyone is ready to meet YOU Lord. You don’t want anyone to perish. You want all to go to heaven, but it’s up to each person to come to that decision on their own. Free Will. Each person has to come to that decision. You are a gentleman. You won’t force yourself on anyone. You knock on their heart and it’s up to them to open that door and let them in. If they don’t, then don’t say, “It’s God’s Fault!” NO IT IS NOT…..YOU MY DEAR BROTHER or SISTER have the chance to accept Jesus Christ as Your Personal Savior. He wants to be your Personal Savior. Up to YOU….Period.

Read the Book of John in the Bible…..if you don’t have a Bible, find one. This is America. Every HOME should have at least three books of the Bible…One Big one on the coffee table, one little one that only has the new Testament, and the one you take to Sunday School and Church.

Now Read the Book of John. I’ll stop preaching now. I’m going to bed…..

Deliska Bradley

12/15/2014  2:57am


One of these days

Have you felt like you’ve been there before, or you’ve seen this movie once and you know it’s not possible? Well, I feel like I am waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I don’t know what is wrong with my leg. I had to have an ultra-sound today. The doctor seems to think I may have a deep vein thrombosis in my left leg. It is hurting so bad I could scream and I have cried for a week. My leg hurts from my groin to the tip of my toes, but my heel and ankle is so swelled.

The waiting to hear from the doctors to read the ultra-sound, then go back to the doctor to find out what IS wrong with my leg, is what makes my nerves so raw. I am ill as a hornet!!

I’ve got to get completely well before next Thursday…Thanksgiving. We are going to Deloris’ for the day. Then on Friday Ray and I go to Tennessee for the weekend with Cook and Stephanie going with us. We all have tickets to see Joey and Rory at the Farmhouse for their Christmas Concert. I am so looking forward to this, since they are only having three concerts the entire year.

I hate to ‘make plans’…….because when I do, God just laughs! I pray, God willing, I get to do all I have planned.

Deliska Bradley

11/19/2014 2:41pm


Faces of Hope Project

“Take your Librax and eat right!” The ‘doctor’ I worked with for seventeen months told me this even when my symptoms were not getting any better. I finally went to my office manager telling her I had to go to another doctor. She said when I did he would be angry and I would probably be fired. I ‘was’ fired.

Within months the diagnosis of stage IV colon cancer, which had gone outside of my colon attaching to everything inside, was dire. Dr. Bannister Harbin did a miraculous surgery saving my life. This was in August 1992 and Dr. Thomas Simpson became my oncologist. He was so young and just out of school.

I have fought attacks of cancer with COLON, BREAST and KIDNEY…TWICE with each one…my last one being February 2013 when Dr. Paul Brock did a radical double mastectomy because I had breast cancer in 1993.  When the kidney cancer attacked, the doctors had watched a cyst on my left kidney for years. The renal cell carcinoma was a shock and the left kidney removed in 1999 after they found my bad gall-bladder. I did great for ten years (less ONE MONTH) but in 2009 I had another tumor in my right kidney and had cyroablation on my left kidney in Birmingham at Brookwood Hospital.

If I had to put down all the people with Harbin Clinic Cancer Center who touched my life, and helped me through this journey, the list would be too long to fit on this page!! I know Harbin Clinic Cancer Center has been so good to me. One person that comes to my mind… I will always remember with such Love is Paige. She was the one that did my chemo every time I had to have it. 

If you hear the words, “You have cancer” remember, it’s not a death sentence. You are in good hands at Harbin. They take care of you and they Believe!

Deliska “Dee” Bradley


Cancer Navigator Retreat Weekend–September 2014


I wanted to get in touch with those of you that do not get on FACEBOOK. I am somewhat addicted, or so I’m told, to that site. I can’t help but know that it is easy to put a line or two on there, so everyone that reads it will know I am doing well, instead of having to call or text everyone.

Most of you know, I had to have emergency surgery on Thursday of last week. I was at Denise’s in Alabama (she is my baby sister) and all of a sudden my left breast just swelled and was really BAD!! I called and believe it or not (the internet is amazing to me still) I sent a picture of that ‘sista’ to my plastic surgeon. They called in antibiotics to the Rite Aid store in Alexander City, AL and believe me, those pills are the ones that cost $10 each and I was taking two at a time three times a day. Does wonders for the system ladies….

I drove home on Tuesday, by myself, because he wanted to SEE me on Wednesday (he was in surgery all day on Tuesday). I was in his office at 8:30am. He said I had a form of skin cancer at the sight of the last incision, which was the reason for the lack of healing. That was also the reason a bacterial infection had gotten behind and around the implant. HURT was not in the ballpark. I was sick!!! I won’t go into more graphic details because it makes me sick to think of it now.

When he got to see me, and examined the ‘sista’ he scheduled surgery the next morning. I told him I wasn’t all together sure I wanted to keep them, since this was my fifth surgery on them since February of last year. I was so blooming disgusted and I wish I could say that was all I said to him. I had what is known in the ‘southern world’ as an old fashion Hissy Fit. If there is another way to spell it, or another way to put it, I am not familiar with how to explain. It is when your face splits and the pure devil runs out and has a FIT!! I got the mama finger out and shook it in the doctor’s face and screamed and used some really nasty language. I had to ask God to forgive me for several of those.

I didn’t have to be at the hospital until 11am on Wednesday, thank goodness, but I couldn’t have coffee or anything to drink. It was late before they got to me and it was really late before I could get anything to eat or drink after I got out that night. Oh yes! I went home Thursday before it was dark. I had a prescription for pain medicine, antibiotics and nausea medicine. I had pain medicine, I didn’t have the money to buy the antibiotics and I seldom ever need nausea medicine, so that was a waste of paper.

I had already been invited to attend the Cancer Navigator Retreat held by Dr. Matt Mumber and Heather Reed weeks before. I cried like a baby when I called to cancel. I told the ladies at the Navigators I had just gotten out of the hospital and could not attend, I was afraid, because I didn’t know how I would do, and I didn’t know what all they would be doing at the retreat. My Navigator called me and said, “YOU ARE GOING!! You can sit home and hurt, or you can go up on the mountain, where there will be a doctor that could take care of you if you have a problem. They will not make you do anything you cannot do. Just go at your own pace. Take your time! I am not cancelling your place!” I prayed all night!

Friday morning I was a little apprehensive about going, but my husband wanted me to go and bless him, he said he would drive me. If I got sick he would come back immediately and get me. He took me up to NW Georgia on Friday and left me there at 3pm and came back Sunday at 2pm to pick me up.

I am Blessed and Highly Favored to have been able to attend such an awesome event which truly changed my mind, body and spirit. I will not TRY to tell you what I learned, for this would do it such an injustice. If I could get you who read to buy a book, this would tell you a little about what we got a glimpse into. The book is “SUSTAINABLE WELLNESS: An Integrative Approach to TRANSFORM Your Mind, Body and Spirit” by Dr. Matt Mumber and Heather Reed. They were the facilitator of the weekend and spent every waking hour with us. It was truly amazing what they taught us.

And the FOOD was strictly the best I have ever had…it was made fresh by two ladies that came in to do nothing but cook for us. “Meals on Heels” is the name of the company, and her name is Kathy Patrick. Fresh, organic food that was delicious and good for you? Don’t tell me you can’t eat this way and be satisfied!! I know different now! She does parties, luncheons and will cook if given the right time frame and motivation. She might teach …. this is my only hope!

I wish everyone of you could go to a Retreat for the Cancer Navigators of Rome, GA. But if you hear of a fund raiser, or you could do anything to help raise money for the organization, please do so. We need every penny we can get. This is a 501c3 Non-Profit that Dr. Mumber set up himself, and with Heather’s help, puts on these wonderful retreats to give back. He is a radiation therapist (his humble self) with a wife and three kids that live in Rome, GA. She is a wife, mother of one son, lives in Austin, TX and does yoga and is one of the most spiritual people I have ever met. Between the two, I felt I was in the presence of greatness all weekend and so blessed to be close to people who could show me how to get closer to God just by breathing!

And they did!

Dee Bradley

False Prophets in a Needing World

If you read the Facebook post 8/28/2014 on Victoria and Joel Osteen, you see she said you go to church not to Glorify God, but to glorify yourself. You make God Happy when you make yourself happy. That is a very ‘short version’.

I do not go to church to make God Higher….HE is as high as can ever be! Church is a body of baptized believers, coming together to fellowship, glorify God, praise Him, and hopefully hear a message or two that I can use in every day life. Then I take it out of the doors of the building and ‘WE’ become THE CHURCH outside that building the other six days of the week. #1. Feeding the hungry, clothe the naked, take care of the widows and orphans. #2. Tell others what Jesus Christ has done for me. Invite them to come to Service on Sunday. #3. If you are not hearing from the Lord on a daily basis, get back into your Bible. It is the daily road map. If I don’t, how am I going to know when someone like this comes along with FALSE TEACHINGS?
I pray for Joel and Victoria…I pray someone they look up to will step in and show them the error of their ways. God can open their eyes, if they will get back into the Bible and stop making it about prosperity.
God will grant us the desires of our heart, when each one of us ‘put ye first the kingdom of heaven.’ In God’s will, all is done for us, in God’s timing….I want to be in God’s will, always.
I pray for my grandson, Carter. God knows what he needs. God knows what Jaye, Lori and each one of us need. Lauren is the only one of my grandchildren who has not accepted Jesus as their savior, and I am not sure she understands. Now that Jaye has started taking them back to church, she will. She has to learn the difference between truth and FALSE Prophets.
Dee Bradley

Fergerson–Where a man was killed…


When you leave a mob on the streets, you will have mob actions. These people are not from Fergerson (probably) and if they are, they don’t care about the city or themselves. If they did, they would not be out on the street acting like a pack of wild dogs, tearing up the town. They would be at home, showing respect to their own.

I hate what happened to the man, but the looting action of these people on the street have nothing to do with the police shooting the man. That was supposed to be why they were out having their peaceful protests. Showing their disgust with the police because the man, Michael Brown, was shot when he didn’t have a gun, and he had his hands raised in surrender.

When the video came out, the six foot four inch fellow had strong armed the man at the store. He stole cheap sweet cigars. The man told him he had to pay for them and he walked out with them. The store owner called the police and the police had a APB out for this Michael Brown. When the police spotted him, Brown tried to get the policeman’s gun away from him and he shot him.

This happened the first part of August and they have marched in Fergerson since then…trying to get answers. This past week the police told the name of the policeman who shot Brown. That same afternoon they released the video. It is just a comedy of errors.

Get the people off the street and restore order!! PERIOD!!


I do have a Brain…

Dr. Farber said she did not see anything wrong inside my head. She said I could go back to driving, thank goodness!! I have not had any really BAD headaches since that day, but I have passed out once since then…

I have had a colonoscopy since I saw Dr. Farber.   Thank goodness, I had no polyps or problems at all with that procedure. Now if I can get my cholesterol down and my triglycerides down, I’ll be in good shape. Then of course, I need to lose 100 pounds.

Ray is coming home tomorrow, and I plan on making him a homemade peach cobbler. I am going to go have supper with Jaye and the kids tomorrow afternoon, God willing. I hope he can tell all I have done in the house…I’ve worked until I’m exhausted!

Hope you have a wonderful  day tomorrow!

Deliska Bradley




Dr. Sharon Farber

Last Friday Ray and I made the trek to Chattanooga for the referral Caye Burch, PA made to see Dr. Sharon Farber, a neurologist. Caye wanted to find out why I had passed out June 27th, since she did not believe the ER doctor when it reported to be TMJ.
Dr. Farber came into the room and I almost said, “OH MY GOD” out loud. She looked like a throw-back of an old hippie. Her hair was grey and wiry pulled back in pony-tail which hung down to her butt. She had on a pair of brown gaucho pants and brown boots with a grey coat sweater and a long tunic under the sweater hanging loose over the pants. Her glasses were plane and she did not have on a dab of make-up. I dare say her face had not seen any make-up in years, if then, especially any moisturizer.
I wanted to run, and on top of this, she didn’t even offer to shake our hands. She said, “Hello. Tell me about yourself.”
I didn’t know where to start.
“I understand you have had a few sicknesses? Is this right?” She said.
“Yes, I’ve had cancer and I’ve been sick a few times.” I said really sarcastically.
Then she got on a roll. She was spouting questions and poking me and asking more questions and hitting me with this little hammer, and asking more questions and hitting this tuning fork on my elbow and asking me if I felt anything when she stuck me with this safety-pin. I did when she got up to me knee and she wasn’t just being a pin prick, she was sticking the thing in my leg. It hurt!!
Ray would try to put a word in edgewise. Dr. Farber would talk over him and just go on.

It was about here I realized I was dealing with a pure genius. Dr. Farber may look like an old hippie, but she is a genius!!
I had to stand up. Hold my hands out in front of me. Close my eyes. Stand still. I couldn’t do it. I was rocking and rolling like a ship at sea. I didn’t realize how bad it was until then. I had to touch my finger to my nose. Both hands. One did better than the other. I had to follow her finger with my eyes. I had to follow the light. I told her it hurt for the light to be in my eyes. She said she knew it did. She could tell.
This is when she ordered the MRI. She asked if I had ever had a spinal tap. I told her no. She said she sure wished she had one a week ago, but it wouldn’t do any good to get one now.
Then she wanted me to walk for her. I walked from the chair to the wall, which for me was two steps, and turned around and came back.
She wanted me to put heel to toe and walk. I told her I couldn’t do it. She asked me, “Why can’t you?” I told her, “because I am an old fat woman and my blame legs won’t let me!”
She said, “Then get your fat ass up here on this table!”
I sat down on the table.
We looked at each other and grinned. I told her I had a wicked sense of humor and she said she had none. I don’t believe her.
She went over all my medicines with me. She questioned me repeatedly about the use of phenobarbital. I told her the reason I took it was for rest at night, instead of a sleeping aid. The rest of my medicines she understood the reason I was taking them.
She ordered two blood tests upstairs and I had to go downstairs and have two more. One of those was to see if I was abusing the phenobarbital.
I know Dr. Farber and Caye worry I have kidney failure and liver cancer.  However, if I do, there is nothing I can do about it.
I am not borrowing trouble. I am going to wait on the results.
Caye did the second test and it came back worse than the first one. My kidney is not filtering and my liver enzymes are showing a massive problem with my liver. I either have a problem with my bones, my intestines or I have liver cancer. I have a colonoscopy scheduled the end of July. A bone scan will probably follow soon.
This is why Caye sent me to the neurologist to find out what is wrong. She knew it was outside her ability. She wanted me to go to someone who could find out what was wrong and help me get well.
God is in control of all of this, but the worst thing the doctor did…she said I could not drive. I cannot even go swimming, take a tub bath, climb a ladder, or work heavy equipment (ha!). How am I going to make it not driving?
I have to get better quick. She has to find out I am not at risk of passing out any more. I cannot be without my car and a way to travel! Please!! How can I make it to Canton and back?

Lord, YOU have gotten me through so many dark valley’s and difficult times. I hate to come to you again because you have always been so good to me and I seem to always fail in so many ways. I don’t thank You enough for what you do for me. I don’t ask you first to help me with things, instead I ask you to bless my mess. I don’t read the Bible like I should, because I let all the other things of this world come between me and YOUR Holy Word. And for that I am TRULY sorry. Forgive me for all the ways I fail. I am a sinner. Help me to be a better person and to shine for YOU daily.
May the words of my mouth, and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in thy sight, oh Lord my strength and my redeemer.
‘For I am the way the truth and the life and nobody comes to the Father except by Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ is the Word of the Lord. The Holy Spirit came to guide us daily and the word of the Lord is in the Bible to be our road map in this world. Just read it and know how to live in this place until Jesus comes or we go home to be with Him in Glory!’ Amen

Whatever may come in this journey, Lord, I just hope and pray you will not let me stay here and be a burden on my family. If it is bad, just take me on to Glory to be with YOU Lord. I am ready to go! Don’t let me linger for I am not scared. I am ready to go!
Deliska Bradley

Certain People Never Change!!

I guess most people know that Jaye’s daddy and I don’t get along very well, over any length of time. When Jaye told me he needed me to come to Atlanta today, to pick up his daddy, after he saw his doctor.

‘You have to be kidding, right?’ But he wasn’t.

I rode down to I-75 and Cumberland Drive so I could take him back to Jaye’s in Canton. I didn’t know he wanted to stop and eat lunch before we got back. We stopped at Longhorn Steaks. I was NOT dressed to go into any steakhouse. I had on a black and white zebra stripe top and a pair of blue capri pants. Oh Yes!! Wash Woman!! And Jessie had on a grey heather tee-shirt and a pair of shorts with white socks and brown shoes. It was sad.

We didn’t have any arguments!! It was a good lunch. When I got to Jaye’s, he said, “Thanks for bringing me home! Bye!”

Out of the car he jumped and went in the house. I backed out of the drive and home I went.

Certain People Never Change!!

Deliska Bradley