False Prophets in a Needing World

If you read the Facebook post 8/28/2014 on Victoria and Joel Osteen, you see she said you go to church not to Glorify God, but to glorify yourself. You make God Happy when you make yourself happy. That is a very ‘short version’.

I do not go to church to make God Higher….HE is as high as can ever be! Church is a body of baptized believers, coming together to fellowship, glorify God, praise Him, and hopefully hear a message or two that I can use in every day life. Then I take it out of the doors of the building and ‘WE’ become THE CHURCH outside that building the other six days of the week. #1. Feeding the hungry, clothe the naked, take care of the widows and orphans. #2. Tell others what Jesus Christ has done for me. Invite them to come to Service on Sunday. #3. If you are not hearing from the Lord on a daily basis, get back into your Bible. It is the daily road map. If I don’t, how am I going to know when someone like this comes along with FALSE TEACHINGS?
I pray for Joel and Victoria…I pray someone they look up to will step in and show them the error of their ways. God can open their eyes, if they will get back into the Bible and stop making it about prosperity.
God will grant us the desires of our heart, when each one of us ‘put ye first the kingdom of heaven.’ In God’s will, all is done for us, in God’s timing….I want to be in God’s will, always.
I pray for my grandson, Carter. God knows what he needs. God knows what Jaye, Lori and each one of us need. Lauren is the only one of my grandchildren who has not accepted Jesus as their savior, and I am not sure she understands. Now that Jaye has started taking them back to church, she will. She has to learn the difference between truth and FALSE Prophets.
Dee Bradley

Where will you be when Jesus comes back?


Today would be a beautiful day for Jesus to return…….if YOU are not ready to face where you will wake up, NOW is the time to think about it! Jesus is coming back, and it’s going to be soon, I think!! He doesn’t even know when it’s going to be. God will say, “It’s time Son! Go get your children!” And Jesus will split the Eastern Sky.
Those of us who have asked Jesus to be our Lord and Savior, asked HIM to forgive our sins, are ready for the day. I would hate to be waiting for Jesus’ return, not knowing where I would end up, Heaven or Hell. You will go to one or the other. Jesus is the only way to Heaven…Period.
It is said today that there are many religions that will get you to peace. So true! But there is only ONE relationship with ONE God that will get you to ONE Heaven and that is JESUS Christ the son of the ONE TRUE GOD. He set the Moon and Stars in place. He was there in the beginning and always was because He is the great I AM.
Don’t be left behind…it is up to you…He wants you to be in heaven, but it’s your choice!


Faith…I walk by faith that is not ‘blind’ for I have the road map of life, my Bible, to guide me along the way. I have the voice of God to listen to when I pray, and I have the Holy Spirit in my heart that quickens my spirit when I do something, or SAY something, that isn’t so pleasing unto my Lord. I don’t know what lays ahead of me in this life, as none of us do.


I am glad I didn’t know what was ahead of me the past twenty-five years. This has been a true delight and adventure. I stood on the side of the stream of life that the Lord gave me when I truly turned my life over to HIM on October 26, 1988 and I held my nose and JUMPED in. He has taken me to places I have never thought I would see and I have done things I never thought would be possible. I spoke in front of people I never would have imagined, the largest group was about 500, and I’ve seen many men and women give their hearts to the Lord through Jesus Christ. I’ve led a little boy to the Lord after a Vacation Bible School with him sitting in the back seat of my car…and I still keep up with him to this day. He’s grown.


We all struggle with Life’s ups and downs, and I am no different. My health was such I had to stop traveling to speak, and I have arthritis in my spine so bad it hurts to move. My feet don’t want to walk sometimes, but my mouth hasn’t stopped working so I can tell what Jesus has done for me.


He saw my MESS and gave me a message. He took my TEST and gave me a testimony. He saw I was a cracked vessel and he put me back on the potter’s wheel and reworked me, until he could use me for His glory. He is not through with me yet. He keeps on leaving me here through bouts of ‘cancer’ and heart attacks and I keep telling Him…’if I had known I was going to live this long Lord, I would have taken better care of myself’. He told me, ‘it’s in the Bible, girlfriend. Your Body is the Temple of the Lord.’ I said, “Yes Sir… Sorry.”


I hope you are living by FAITH…and your crooked places made straight. Jesus will do these things and not forsake you.

Praise the Lord, He hasn’t forsaken me!!


I still have my sense of humor. God gave me that too.

Deliska Bradley 9/10/2013



Two things a girl loses and can never get back: her reputation and her virginity. Young ladies, keep both until you know the one you are to marry is worth giving the last one. Then you can hold your head high, because your reputation will be without spot or blemish, when you have a kind heart!~~db

“We don’t have Victory”

“I think first of all that people need to understand that Jesus didn’t die for us so we all can have a religion and go to a building on Sunday and call it church. Jesus died so we can have an intimate relationship with God through him. Here’s the foundation for all victory in our lives. Jesus said very plainly in John 15 (verse 5) “…apart from Me you can do nothing.” We don’t just have victory because we try to have victory.”~~Joyce Meyer

I am so glad I have a true relationship with Jesus Christ. It pains my heart to think of loved ones, and friends, that don’t. I cannot change them, but I can surely pray for their soul.

I don’t have because we don’t ask…

Lord, I am asking for a miracle to happen in our finances. I pray that we sell out, and we can live so freely. I don’t mind not having ‘stuff’ because we can’t take it with us when we go. Help me to be a ‘giver’ of my time, my talents, and myself to those who need an encouraging word from YOU through me.


What CHAPTER are you living in?

I heard another story Wednesday I have to share! Chapter 1-I was walking down the street and fell in a pot-hole in the street. Chapter 2-I was walking down the street and I walked up to the pot-hole and slipped and fell in. Chapter 3-I was walking down the street and I tried to walked around the edge of the hole but stumbled and fell in. Chapter 4-I walked around the hole. Chapter 5-I took another street!

Some of us just can’t learn…….when we continue to let people hurt us, we have to learn to leave those people out of our sight and stay off their street! We cannot let them come into our boundaries. I have ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE in my life….and I hope I have learned! I don’t want to be on the same street she is on, no matter what!! If I could keep my grandchildren away from her, I would, but that is not in my boundary.

Dee Bradley


“John 14:23

Jesus replied, “Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them. – John 14:23

I know You love me, and You know I love you. Help me become more obedient so I can carry the Good News of what the Father and Jesus has done for me! I Praise Your Holy Name and I know You will always be the same yesterday, today and forever more. YOU have never let me down. Forgive me for all the times I have let YOU down. Help me love those that are not so loveable and encourage everyone that needs it.

Dee Bradley 3/24/2013


Why I am left on this earth!

Thank You Jesus that You left the 99 and came after me. Yes, You had to break my legs and carry me for a while, but I thank You for that too. Now I know I have to stay close to You or I will stray. I know Your voice. I have learned to listen and ask first before asking for Your blessing after I have started.

My Faith was tested. My Patience was tuned. My Trust was proven every time I call on Your name! You have never lied to me.

LIFE is not easy!! It was never supposed to be easy. But YOU said YOU would be with me to help me get through it. I am not looking forward to death so I can go to heaven. I am looking forward to death (through believing in Jesus Christ) so I will be with YOU….that is called heaven.

I was not innocent, but through the blood YOU shed on the cross, You can stand and say to YOUR Father at my judgement day, “Father, she called on my name! She is mine! She is found ‘not guilty’! I took her place!”

Oh PRAISE YOUR HOLY NAME!! This is why I am left on this earth!! To tell what Jesus has done for me!!

Deliska Bradley 3/15/13


When I am up at 12:35am and people see me on-line even earlier, they want to know why…I tell them I am praying. They want to know what I am worrying about. I tell them again. I’m praying. I learned, not so long ago…worry only makes your hair turn grey, the wrinkles in your face deeper and it doesn’t add one day to your life. God is going to be UP. Talk to HIM. Pray. And GO TO BED.