Certain People Never Change!!

I guess most people know that Jaye’s daddy and I don’t get along very well, over any length of time. When Jaye told me he needed me to come to Atlanta today, to pick up his daddy, after he saw his doctor.

‘You have to be kidding, right?’ But he wasn’t.

I rode down to I-75 and Cumberland Drive so I could take him back to Jaye’s in Canton. I didn’t know he wanted to stop and eat lunch before we got back. We stopped at Longhorn Steaks. I was NOT dressed to go into any steakhouse. I had on a black and white zebra stripe top and a pair of blue capri pants. Oh Yes!! Wash Woman!! And Jessie had on a grey heather tee-shirt and a pair of shorts with white socks and brown shoes. It was sad.

We didn’t have any arguments!! It was a good lunch. When I got to Jaye’s, he said, “Thanks for bringing me home! Bye!”

Out of the car he jumped and went in the house. I backed out of the drive and home I went.

Certain People Never Change!!

Deliska Bradley