Collier was only eleven

Sometimes, when you hear of a death you can think, ‘well they lived a long and prosperous life.’ Not in this case!

Collier Bradley Gray was only eleven years old. He had an aneurysm in his brain in January, 2015. He got to go home for a few days, but had to be rushed back to Children’s Hospital in Atlanta due to complications from this aneurysm.

His mother, Jennifer Stephens, stayed with him almost the entire time, only going home to be with his little sister Addison for a few days during the months Collier was in the hospital during his therapy. What this mother had to endure is beyond my comprehension.

Chandler Gray, Collier’s father, was at the hospital every moment he could be, when he wasn’t working two different jobs, or seeing after Addison. Collier and Chan had a special relationship. Both of them were so full of fun, you couldn’t help but laugh out loud at their foolishness. You just break out in a grin thinking about it.

Collier had so many people who stepped up to give all they could to help his mother, dad, sister and the rest of his family. I know because I am also an extended member of this family. Karen Smith, who is Chandler’s Mom, is my husband Ray’s niece. I had so many people who sent me good wishes and prayers for Collier. I tried to keep everyone on my prayer list up to date with his condition.

We thank those people for prayers, cards, good thoughts, visits, phone calls, messages, money and any other way they may have helped with Collier Gray.

I had not broken down until today. I was alone. I opened my heart to God and let it pour out. I screamed and cried myself out. I don’t wish Collier back here to suffer. I am really envious of him. I envy where he has gone. I’ve seen that bright light before and smelled heaven. I’ve felt the peace and wished I didn’t have to go back. I’ve never been scared of death since that day.

Collier is where we all are striving to go. He has made his transition. He has stepped over into eternity. Oh Lord, how I envy him. Now we just need to celebrate Collier’s life. He touched so many lives, even in his death.