Dinner with Jaye and children

Yes, it’s been a while since I wrote anything! I’ve been so busy, I have wished I could say, “I’m bored!” I can’t say that now! When I want to be, I have so much coming down on my head.

I went out to dinner with Jaye and his children this evening. It was really nice getting to see the children again. They are growing up so fast! I can’t get over how they change so much each time I see them. Lauren had lost more teeth on the front, and Nate’s teeth are coming in more, and Carter is growing taller!! Carter thinks he is so slick and smooth, he can pull the wool over every one’s eyes. He went to the restroom with his hand-held video game/phone, and he was gone so long, I told Jaye to go get him. I was worried about him. He did and he said he knew he was in there. He didn’t call out to him.

Jaye got on his phone and tried to call him. The line was busy. When Carter got back I told him I knew what he was doing, and he said no, his stomach was hurting. I looked at him and he started smiling. I told him not to blow smoke up my nose…it wasn’t a smoke stack…he just smiled!

Mama had to be taken to the hospital today and Denise called while we were having dinner. I just knew mother had a stroke but the CT Scan didn’t show anything. Her labs didn’t show anything either. There wasn’t anything they could find, but something happened. Mother doesn’t do this. She is slipping really fast and something will take her out fast, I hope. I hope she doesn’t hang on for a long time. She wouldn’t want that.

I am going over tomorrow to see mother. Mama has to be better……I have to be home Sunday. I have to move in to our new home next week. All alone again.

Deliska Bradley



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