Do you have your Christmas Bought YET?

I have picked out what I want to ‘present’ for Christmas….now I just have to purchase it. I have so many grandchildren, however, I do not buy toys. They play with a toy for a few hours and don’t remember the next week what they were given. I am giving gifts that will be around next year.

I won’t tell you what they are getting, because they read this ‘blog’.

The biggest thing I hope I can always remember every Christmas is ‘the reason for the season’. CHRIST is the reason for my Christmas season. If it wasn’t for HIM, we wouldn’t have this wonderful season.

Santa Claus comes to the manger, bows on one knee, and gives his present to Jesus. He has from the beginning. Who do you think tells Santa what each boy and girl wants for Christmas? Jesus!!

Have a blessed season…and remember to say, “MERRY CHRISTMAS” with a smile while buying your presents!!


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