Faces of Hope Project

“Take your Librax and eat right!” The ‘doctor’ I worked with for seventeen months told me this even when my symptoms were not getting any better. I finally went to my office manager telling her I had to go to another doctor. She said when I did he would be angry and I would probably be fired. I ‘was’ fired.

Within months the diagnosis of stage IV colon cancer, which had gone outside of my colon attaching to everything inside, was dire. Dr. Bannister Harbin did a miraculous surgery saving my life. This was in August 1992 and Dr. Thomas Simpson became my oncologist. He was so young and just out of school.

I have fought attacks of cancer with COLON, BREAST and KIDNEY…TWICE with each one…my last one being February 2013 when Dr. Paul Brock did a radical double mastectomy because I had breast cancer in 1993.  When the kidney cancer attacked, the doctors had watched a cyst on my left kidney for years. The renal cell carcinoma was a shock and the left kidney removed in 1999 after they found my bad gall-bladder. I did great for ten years (less ONE MONTH) but in 2009 I had another tumor in my right kidney and had cyroablation on my left kidney in Birmingham at Brookwood Hospital.

If I had to put down all the people with Harbin Clinic Cancer Center who touched my life, and helped me through this journey, the list would be too long to fit on this page!! I know Harbin Clinic Cancer Center has been so good to me. One person that comes to my mind… I will always remember with such Love is Paige. She was the one that did my chemo every time I had to have it. 

If you hear the words, “You have cancer” remember, it’s not a death sentence. You are in good hands at Harbin. They take care of you and they Believe!

Deliska “Dee” Bradley