“God Did NOT Do This”

I have just been heartbroken! Watching the tragic scenes from CT has made me stop and think about my beautiful grandchildren. My grandchildren are prayed into the hands of God every day, because I am not able to keep them SAFE, any more than any parent, or grandparent. We live in a world that has EVIL in it.
God did not do this; a man that was SICK killed 20 children, six adults, and himself, shooting two or three more. God allowed him to do it. God, however, took the children home, with HIM, the moment their eyes closed in death.We can hope and pray that the adults had a close and personal relationship with Jesus Christ so they are with Him also.
We need to put God back into Schools, and prayers before them, instead of telling them it is not needed. NOW we have the opportunity to CHANGE things, Mr. Obama. YOU can CHANGE something…..change the way we teach our children at school. Put prayers, God and patriotism back in schools. Do you think he will do that? I don’t! I just keep putting my grandkids in the hands of God….certainly not in the hands of our government officials.
“Parents teach our children well….teach them God is with them every day, in every way, no matter what, HE is here to stay!” ~~Dee Bradley.

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