If you want good COUNTRY music, Joey+Rory, Alan Jackson, Connie Smith, songs that Wynn Varble writes and sings, Brad Paisley and Jamie Johnson to me are best. They are out there, but RADIO won’t play them unless the CROWDS want to hear them….and guess what? the teenagers want to hear the pop sounds of the Pistol Annies, Luke Bryan, Rascal Flat, Jason Aldean and TS. Now I love me some Miranda….but that girl can go plum ragin’ sometimes…and it is not country.

There is only TWO TYPES of music: BAD & GOOD….and to me, I don’t care what they call it. When a songwriter puts his or her pen to paper, and they get the lyrics down right, Sheriff Capps plays the guitar and magic happens. Play on Nashville… on!

Deliska Bradley

8/6/2013  12:32am

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