I do have a Brain…

Dr. Farber said she did not see anything wrong inside my head. She said I could go back to driving, thank goodness!! I have not had any really BAD headaches since that day, but I have passed out once since then…

I have had a colonoscopy since I saw Dr. Farber.   Thank goodness, I had no polyps or problems at all with that procedure. Now if I can get my cholesterol down and my triglycerides down, I’ll be in good shape. Then of course, I need to lose 100 pounds.

Ray is coming home tomorrow, and I plan on making him a homemade peach cobbler. I am going to go have supper with Jaye and the kids tomorrow afternoon, God willing. I hope he can tell all I have done in the house…I’ve worked until I’m exhausted!

Hope you have a wonderful  day tomorrow!

Deliska Bradley