In that Still Small Voice

I downloaded a Bible app on my laptop and phone. I just thought it would be cool to have it. Little did I know, the app would prompt me to read a verse out of the Bible, my choice of translation, each day and listen for the Lord to answer a particular prayer for each day.

I knew I needed to do MORE than I had been doing. I pray EVERY day, sometimes all day! However, I needed to set a special ‘get down to business-stop everything you’re doing-Listen for His Answers’ Prayer Time. Well, I have to say, when you ‘seek ye first the kingdom of heaven, all these other things will be added unto you’.  He answered my prayer in record time, for me.

I was praying and asking God what He wanted me to do about ‘spending my time wisely’! How did He want me to spend the remaining days I have on this planet? I know He wants me to do certain things, like going to church, help the needy, tithe, love the ones not so lovable, and not think of myself as poorly as I do, but not higher than anyone else. HE LOVES ME…Why shouldn’t I love me too? He wants me to be joyful. The Bible says, “Joy comes in the morning…” I cannot find any place in those pages that states we will be HAPPY!! We are to be content in all things, good and bad.

Tests come into our lives for a reason. We are not growing and learning when we are having a ‘good time’!! The only times we become more and closer to what we are supposed to be is when we are being tested, pruned and cleaned. Holiness is not easy these days, but it so worth the effort! When I keep my eyes, and ears, on Jesus, it is not as hard! If I let the ways of the world take my heart away from the way He wants me to go, I am down the road that keeps me torn up INSIDE. Heart, Mind, Body and then the Soul.

When I was in prayer, asking God to show me what He wanted for me, I let Him know what I saw my future to be. I asked Him what He wanted for me. He made it so crystal clear, with a confirmation, that I am to finish my novels. He is already making my paths straight…and when the time is right, I can get them published. I am to work on my discipline, weight, be a good friend, be a good grandmother/mother/YOM and work on my self-talk. God Loves me!! I keep telling myself that!! If He does, why should I love me?

The best thing I can give me for Christmas is a good next year! By this time next year, I have a goal to have at least one book at the publisher. I want to be involved in all aspects of putting the book out there, so I know what I have to do. God is going to be my editor!!

He spoke to my heart, in that still small voice. I know it was HIM. It feels so good when you pray, knowing He answered your prayer in such a clear way. I am so thankful to my Lord! It is amazing how He can use a ‘cracked pot’ like me, but I am glad he does. I can’t wait to see where He carries us this next year, and what He wants me to write.

Check back often…it should be fun!!

In that still small voice!!


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