It’s “C” Again

I thought I would let my bloggers know…I was told on Tuesday, by my Oncologist, I have breast ‘c’ again. He said it is the lowest grade of ‘c’ there can be…and if it has not spread, I will only have to have a little radiation and tamoxifen for the next five years. Oh yeah!!

I go to the surgeon on Friday, the 11th, to see what he plans on doing. If it is in more than one place, I want him to take off both of them and give me two perky ones.

God willing, I am going to go to Canton tomorrow so I can get started on the weight loss program. I want to lose at least 100 pounds. If this ‘c’ is caused by me being over-weight, I can do something about this.

God, be with me, because I am going to have to lean on you…and some days you are going to have to carry me!!

Dee Bradley


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