March 5th–It is FINALLY over

Two days after the final hearing, I am able to sit down and write about the day.

First, Jaye had in attendance for moral support at the ending of his marriage to Lori J. Speaks on March 5, 2013, Elizabeth Easterwood (Nanny-my mother), Deloris Riddle (my sister), Allison Riddle (Deloris’ oldest daughter, and the one that has a direct line of communication to God Almighty) and me (his mother, who loves him beyond breath).

The Judge was her usual LATE self coming into the court room at 1:40pm. I made a note to look, so Lori’s lateness didn’t strike such a bad taste in her mouth, undoubtedly.

Judge Ellen McEleyea started by saying she gave 50/50 custody of the children to both parents. That was the BIG one. This was the FIRST ruling that she ever did this on. She was always a stickler for giving custody to one or the other parent; not 50/50 in any case. Scott Kimbrough almost screamed. (I’ll tell you later what he said to me before court!)

I wish I could remember what came in order, but I don’t. I tried to take notes, but I couldn’t take them as fast as she was talking. First was what was due to Roger Johnson, by Lori, that had not been paid on case work. He had not been paid one thin dime. She owed him over $70,000. (Jaye has to pay $30K in one year against this balance!)

They have joint physical custody with the father having final decision-making rights. He has School and Education and her on Health and Religion but he has final decision rights on all.

Alternate yearly decisions on extracurricular activities, Mother from June 2013 to May 2014 and Father from June 2014 to May 2015. Summer first two weeks in June Hers–July first two weeks is Father’s. Thanksgivings Even/Odd, Christmas Even/Odd. Justin Fox was not shown a bad influence on the children, thus he could stay in their lives. On holiday’s they are to go to the other parent Saturday 6 to Sunday 6.

As for the school district, the middle school is the same for the boys, but the elementary is not the same for Lauren. The Judge said, if you don’t speak up, you don’t have to show it.

Child support ? Jaye $1500 a month, once a month. I missed that all the way. He is to pay for their health insurance per month.

Jaye did get the martial house, Lori pays for her Guardian ad litem fees, Lori gets all of items on Exhibit 13 from the house plus they must sale the boat and divide the profit.

Jaye is to pay $30,000 of Lori’s attorney’s fees at $2400 a month until paid.


Name the BOOK!! I’m writing one and I am going to name the guilty!!

Deliska Bradley 3/7/2013

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