It is amazing to me…when you go to the doctor, telling them how bad you feel, they give you another blame pill.

I don’t want another PILL!! I want to feel better!!

This pill makes me sleep all the time. I don’t feel like walking across the floor. My heart was running away-beating so fast she thought she would put me in the hospital, but I said NO-and she gave me a pill to slow down my heartbeat. I can tell you it has slowed it down, but mercy, I don’t feel good.

The good thing about today…I did nothing!! I mean nothing, but take a bath, wash my hair, put a load of clean clothes in the bathtub which needed to be folded and put a load of clothes in the washer. Nothing more! It was a worthless day!

Sunday we go to go to Alex City to take Denise’s outdoor furniture and go to Mother’s Birthday Party.

Thursday is Ray’s Birthday.

I feel like my head is spinning. I am going to bed. Maybe I won’t dream this scattered.

Thank you God for all YOU give me…help us next week with the sale of the houses and property…and everything else!

Deliska Bradley


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