Monday we’ll see if I keep my breast

I cannot believe I have had such a terrible time getting this right breast to heal. My left breast was the one that had the cancer in it, and because cancer attacked twenty years ago, the doctor decided I should have this one taken off also. It is rebelling saying,  “Damn it, I didn’t need to come off, so I am screaming and pitching a fit.”

Dr. Chris Robinson will tell me tomorrow, April 29, 9am, if I must have the expander removed from my breast to let it heal from within. I pray I don’t!! I would have to start all over again. The pain would be more than I could handle. I just might get some really good gel boobs and ‘call it’.

We will see what happens. It is not in my hands. God has this all in His hands. Just like what is going to happen with Ray’s business. Lord knows, he won’t talk to me about it.

Patience is what I am learning!

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