Moore, Oklahoma

Please pray for the people in Moore, Oklahoma where the tornado hit.

My heart hurts for the 7 little children that lost their lives in the school, but that is only a small part of what has happened to this State. And Granbury, TX that was hit just a few days before. The man across the street from us lost his business when the oak tree fell across his trucks and hit his house.

Lord, I know it could be us. Our trees could come down on us. A tornado could wipe us away. It is hard enough that Ray has not worked since the first of April and he had open heart surgery. I had a double mastectomy on February 7th and I never had the chance to get over that one, before I had to have two more surgeries for infection in my right breast. This is my sixth week after the last surgery. HA! I never had the chance to recuperate.

I am so blessed!

Thank you Lord, for all Your mercy on Ray and me.

Dee Bradley




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