Moving Back to our Other House

We are moving out of our home we’ve lived in for over seven years. The house we are moving to is the house we lived in six years but we had rented to a dear friend and his family. We are moving back to the rental house on faith…because we are not sure we can stay there.

1092 Cartersville Highway
God, wherever we land, I ‘go to’ YOU to verify what YOU have told me. You take me to a place where YOU will be and I can have a deeper relationship with YOU. YOU and I have joy overflowing like never before. I already have my ‘prayer place’ picked out, and my Bible study dates set. The ladies are coming together. We are even going to exercise each morning.
Thank you Lord, in advance for YOUR blessings!! I life up my eyes to the hills because I know my help comes from YOU Lord, because You hung the stars in the heavens and made my earth.
I am so Blessed! Life on this Earth is SO Hard, but with Jesus as my Savior, the Holy Spirit as my daily guide in this life, the Bible as my MAP and ‘God as the only one that will ever Judges me that counts’ I am cruising into eternal life. Christians need to realize we are already living Eternal Life….we just haven’t stepped over yet.
How are you living your eternal life now? Are you ashamed to tell others what Jesus has done for you? I will tell anyone that He made a Message out of my mess, a Testimony out of my tests, and I am living each day as if it was my last. Because we don’t know when it just might be the last day we live on this earth!!

Don’t be afraid of life!

Deliska Bradley


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