My Biggest Birthday Surprise

Thought I would Faint   I saw him, when he came through the door, but I thought it was a dream. I looked, and I looked away, thinking “don’t anybody pinch me and wake me up, this is gonna be good!” And lo and behold, it really was Wynn Varble, in my living room, surprising ME on my birthday.

Ray and Bobby (my husband and brother-in-law) said I had not gotten out of that recliner as fast in a month as I did when I realized it really was Wynn. I turned and put my plate down in the set of the chair. My luck I would have fainted and flopped down in it, but thank God, I didn’t.

Wynn, and his wife and daughter, was visiting their son in Chattanooga, and they decided to come on down to Rockmart and surprise me on my 62nd Birthday. I had sent him an invitation on Facebook, not thinking he would come, but lo and behold, there he stood.

He had called Ray the day before, and got our address, so they would be able to find us. He brought me a dozen roses and his NEW CD. Only his wife had a copy other than me. I was so floored.

He ate a bite, they didn’t stay long, but he mingled with the crowd that was here, family and friends and made himself at home. He knows where we are and I hope he never feels like a stranger. I think Ray and I have a true friend in him.

Oh Lord, Thank you for letting me stand in the man’s shadow. He is so talented!! I think he is one of today’s true songwriting genus’. I am blessed to call him a friend.

Dee Bradley


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