My Three I Miss

Jan, Connie and Johnny…I miss them all……but I wouldn’t wish them back here to suffer. They are tending the garden, finding the best fishing spot, and scouting the hunting area in heaven…and after we get through Praising Our Savior for a million years, we might want to take a day to work a garden, or go fishing, or go for a hunt. They will have the places all ready.

We won’t go by time. We won’t punch a clock. We won’t have to sleep, or eat, or rest, or fuss or get tired or hurt….oh Praise God….there will be no CANCER or pain, or tears, or death, or separation of loved ones, ever again…Oh God, please please please tell Jesus it’s time to come and get His Bride…in the morning is a good time for you to split the Eastern Sky.

I hope and pray everyone is ready to meet YOU Lord. You don’t want anyone to perish. You want all to go to heaven, but it’s up to each person to come to that decision on their own. Free Will. Each person has to come to that decision. You are a gentleman. You won’t force yourself on anyone. You knock on their heart and it’s up to them to open that door and let them in. If they don’t, then don’t say, “It’s God’s Fault!” NO IT IS NOT…..YOU MY DEAR BROTHER or SISTER have the chance to accept Jesus Christ as Your Personal Savior. He wants to be your Personal Savior. Up to YOU….Period.

Read the Book of John in the Bible…..if you don’t have a Bible, find one. This is America. Every HOME should have at least three books of the Bible…One Big one on the coffee table, one little one that only has the new Testament, and the one you take to Sunday School and Church.

Now Read the Book of John. I’ll stop preaching now. I’m going to bed…..

Deliska Bradley

12/15/2014  2:57am