“No Wearing Pants”

I went to the old churches with the hand held Funeral Home fans, where ladies with their hats and gloves were the norm. The men came in with their fedora hats, and everyone was dressed to the nine’s. The men, smelling of shoe polish and Aqua Velva. Proper ladies did not wear perfume to church. That would be unseemly.

There was NO WEARING PANTS for a woman at church in my youth. We didn’t even wear pants to Vacation Bible School in the summer.  You might think I am older than dirt. I was born in 1951.

I imagine there are several of you out there that feel just like I do. People today do not appreciate or have reverence for the house of the Lord. They come to CHURCH in clothes they would not wear to work. If a pair of ragged blue jeans is all one has to wear, that is one thing. God does not care what is on your back, but what is in your heart. However, if you don’t have anything to wear, someone would gladly buy you a pair of dress jeans to wear to church, if you had a need.

I have gone to church in pants. I had one church member tell me I was not welcomed in pants. I would never go back into that church for any reason. Nevertheless, I know the reason they told me was not with a clear heart. I now know it is not if you wear pants, because several ‘ladies’ I know wear pants to church, but they are not rags. They have respect for the house of God.

When I go into the Church, I go with the Spirit of Jesus already in my heart, and the singing and worship just stirs the Spirit within me. The Spirit helps me to know what I must do in the coming days, weeks and months.

I have found I cannot stay out of church. When I do, the devil comes in and throws all sorts of wrenches in my plans. When I make plans, and I don’t let that Spirit guide me, God just laughs out loud.

Dee Bradley


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