Reason, Season or a Lifetime

How many of you hate it when you forget your password for a certain thing. I know I do!

I have decided to make a sheet of paper with all my passwords on it. Shock! Everyone else has this. But, if you know me, you know I am behind a little.

I have so much I wanted to tell in this post, but I don’t hardly know where to start. I guess at the one thing one my mind just about all the time, Joey! I can’t believe she is dying.

Joey Feek is a wife, mother, Country Music singer and a friend to so many people. She is also a marvelous Christian who has touched so many lives with her strength. She has cancer. If you want to know more about her, go to or see Rory’s blog,

The next thing about me is my health. I have been in the hospital a week with high ammonia levels in my liver. It is not working to well these days. I am better than I have been in years, but I still can’t run a foot race.

I had my breast implants removed in September! Pain no more. Hallelujah! I hurt for two and a half years. My chest is flat as a fried fritter, but at least I am not in pain. Thank you Lord.

Now I won’t tell you my vanity and pride hasn’t taken a hit…but at least I can thank my Lord I am not dying with breast cancer. That is if the doctor took out the right amount of tissue in my chest. My left breast is the one with the cancer and my right breast is dug out to the bone. I feel two lumps in my left chest area. Hope it’s not cancer he left in there. I guess we all worry a little.

My grandchildren concern me. Carter is thirteen going on thirty, he thinks. Nathaniel (Nate) is the middle child. He has his issues being in the middle, but the kid has my heart. He always tells me how much he loves me. And I tell him ‘I love you all the pinecones in the world’. Lauren is my beauty. This little girl is going to be a tall blonde with all the blonde highlights people joke about. For instance: someone asked what state she lived in and she gave the name of her sub-division. HA! She is a mess. She has to be because of those two big brothers. Beautiful but hard as a lightered knot. Wait until she goes through puberty. We will not be able to be in the universe with her. Then you have Hayley. She is more like me than Lauren. Her dark complexion, curly hair and blue eyes. She is a treasure. She’s been raised to respect her elders and mind when she spoken to, but Sam; not so much. He is just a little boy who everyone tells me is just like his daddy was when he was Sam’s age. Wide open and loud. I don’t get to be around him enough to know him.

My son Jaye worries me with his health. He is as overweight as I am. His blood pressure is not good and he doesn’t take medicine to correct it. I would not be surprised if he is pre-diabetic. He almost had spina bifida when he was born. Now he is telling me about how his tailbone is hurting so bad. I know of several people who had spina bifida but it didn’t show up until they were older. Their walking and spine was so off, they could hardly get around. They had to walk with arm brace crutches. I don’t think Jaye could handle this type handicap. Pride of not wanting to be, what he thinks, would be less in his children’s eyes.

WRB, the husband, has gone back to work. I thought I wanted him home with me all the time. He should retire. I now think, God forbid! He needs to work so he will feel better about himself. He needs to get away from me!! And I need him gone! I can’t do anything with him underfoot. When he walks in the house it looks like the house has blown up! Clutter!! I cannot stand clutter.

Life is so demanding for everyone these days. I know it takes something to get a family out the door to school, work and sports. My hat is off to those who get this done every day. I just didn’t have that gene. Jaye can tell you I didn’t. His grandmother Mary raised him from the age of eleven. I am so glad she was the type of woman who could handle all this. I knew I loved Jaye enough to know I couldn’t be what he needed, to be the man HE was supposed to be. Many didn’t understand how I could let Jaye go live with his grandmother, instead of me. Easy! I loved him enough not to hold on to tradition. I was too “sick” to be his mother. I hate I didn’t know how to get the right help so I could be a good parent for him. But we do the best we can with what we have been given. I have asked for forgiveness and I have received it from Jaye and God.

I hope if you are reading this you will know that on a fall night, in Marietta, GA, I asked God to come into my heart to be my Lord and Savior. I have never regretted the decision. I am living eternal life now. I don’t have to wait for death. God has me learning how to trust Him daily. I am really a difficult student! After sixty-four years, I should know to trust Him with every second. The only way to trust is to be put through circumstances where you are on the bottom, and all you have is the Lord. This makes you realize HE is all you need.

Been there…done it!

Have a blessed season. I believe you are here, reading this, for a reason. A Reason, Season or a Lifetime people come into our lives. I hope you get a blessing out of this blog. This is the reason I do it.

Deliska “Dee” Bradley