She finally asked him for a divorce

I have someone I know that finally asked her husband for divorce, after 30+ years of marriage. I cannot say it is a shock to me. I have expected it for years. I will say, the way it came about was something of a shock, only because I cannot believe how insensitive he was in what he did to finally break that straw.

She had been with him through so much. Yes, she had a daughter when they married, from a previous marriage, but he loved that little girl with all he had in him. They had a daughter and sometimes I believe he loved that adopted daughter more than his own flesh and blood child.

The woman tried her best to be a good wife. She stood by him through his diabetes, loss of the ability to be a husband to her, and then his constant going to the doctors and spending money for doctors procedures he did not need when he would not take care of himself. It was so frustrating.

But when he told the man in the Sears store, ‘see I told you she was crazy. See what I have to put up with?’ That was the straw. He didn’t know she could read lips.

She left the store, and hoped he would take his time getting home, since they were in different cars. He came in, and wanted to know why she left in such a hurry. Well, that was the opening that it took. She lit into him and told him what he had said, and there was no way for him to weasel out of this one. He tried to deny it, but she knew he lied and so did he.

She is being more fair about this divorce than I would be. She is giving him half of everything. She took half of the money out of the bank, all of her daughter’s money, and half of what is in the house. She told him they could sell the auto and pay off the house equity note, and both be free and clear of all debts, or he could pay it and keep the car. She was keeping the house. She is letting him stay in the house until the first of the month. I wouldn’t!! I would tell him to get his bag and go. I wouldn’t care where. I would just tell him to go.

I am afraid of what he is going to do before the first of the month. He is close to death because of his health and I am afraid he will kill her, the daughter and himself.

Lord, please keep them safe. Don’t let anything happen to them is my prayer and plea.

Deliska Bradley

7/19/2013 1:45am

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