Well, YOU WILL NEVER GUESS WHAT HAPPENED ON THE WAY BACK from Jaye’s… in the exact same place as before, the little motorcycle cop said I was going 72 MPH in a 55 mph zone. The car that pulled off ahead of me, he waved on. I was pulling around them to go on down the road and the cycle cop turned on his siren, waved that car on, and motioned for me to pull off across the road. I did! He came up to my window saying he lasered me at 72. I asked him if he did, why didn’t he also give the man in front of me one. He said, because they weren’t speeding. I told him I was following them. If they were not speeding, I wasn’t either. He said he would be right back. He wrote it out, and reduced it to 66 in a 55. I am taking it to the Supreme Court, if I have to. Be blamed if I am paying this ticket!! It is a blame speed trap, and I was NOT SPEEDING!!! I put on my brakes, because the man in front of me was breaking when he saw the cop, but not because we were speeding. I am going to find out how many cars just like mine have been stopped in that area!! If I have been targeted, I swear I will own that blame Cherokee County, GA!!!

LIVID!!  I am just blame LIVID!! I am writing a letter to Cherokee County State Court, to the State Court of GA and to my Senators and to my Governor. I am not going to pay this ticket!!


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