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Did you get the ‘switch’ or ‘belt’?

I learned a lesson well.

When my ‘Big Mama’ told me to go up the hall and pick a ‘switch’ off the front switch bush, I got a little bitty one. She went back up the hall, reaching down in the bush, she broke off a limb. When that front screen slammed I knew I was in deeeeep trouble. Then I heard those leaves ripping off the switch I could already feel it. When she caught hold of my elbow, the more I danced and screamed she told me, “the more noise you make, the more you’re going to get!” She didn’t lie!

I tried to never do ANYTHING that made that woman mad enough she had to tell me “go pick me a switch”. She started at the nape of my neck and went to the soles of my feet and she didn’t miss much in-between.

I think, if we made believers out of our children today, we wouldn’t have to say, “Come here!”, “Stop That”, “Did you hear me?”, “Did you say NO to me?”, “Don’t you argue back at me!” My grand-kids KNOW better. I don’t get a ‘switch’, but I own a fly swatter.

Thank God, the children in my life have been raised to respect and be polite. I thank my ‘Big Mama’ for teaching me!!