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“What cha doin’ this week?”

I have so very much to do this week, and I have a large streak of pure LAZY. I just don’t want to do anything.

I went to a special Prayer Group Monday morning, 10am, since I had been asked for months to attend, and the devil had just thrown a wrench into the plan at every chance. I got up Sunday, the right knee twisted and popped like a gunshot! I am so afraid I popped the meniscus again in the knee. However, I meant I would not let this hurt keep me home. I just prayed, Lord, Help me get there and walk! He did.

I got ‘the husband’s’ dry cleaning to town Monday. Gotta remember to go pick it up today.

Today, I have to clean this house. The ‘husband’ left yesterday. I need to go do an audit on the books. I need to bring the computer down to the house, have the phone and lights turned off.

I have to be ready to leave for Tennessee Friday morning.

Wonder if HE would KILL me if I did turn off the power to the shop and move the computer to the garage? I may try it…would you come to the spreading of my ashes? (-;