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That is not the Answer!!

I had a dear friend that put a post on Facebook tonight about the Newtown, CT deaths of the 20 children, 5 teachers, the shooter and the shooters mom (who was the Kindergarten teacher at the school where the twenty-year old went on the spree).

Several people are going to jump on the wagon to take away all guns! That is not the answer!! This is what I wrote, but I am taking out her name. She has every right to believe how she wants. So do I.

You are right (–), arm them with the Bible. Put the word in their heart so they will KNOW what is right and wrong in all things. But you cannot tell me that you do not believe in the 2nd Amendment. What would have happened if someone in the school had had training to handle the situation against an armed intruder, and they were armed? Not everyone, but ONE person who is trained in what to do? Don’t you think that big churches have armed people in their sanctuaries on Sunday? They do! And when you get on a plane, there are air marshals on each plane. And it won’t be long before there will be one in every theater, mall, and multi-activity area in the United States, or more. We cannot give up our ability to defend ourselves. The criminals won’t give up their guns!! We have to keep God in front of us, speak up when we feel strongly about something, and know what the Bible says about a situation. When all lines up with the word, we can defend ourselves. God will help those who will help themselves.”

I believe several people won’t agree with me, but I have only ONE person I am aiming to please, and I think HE knows where my heart is with this situation.

Lord, be with the families that lost those babies and the teachers that tried to save them, yet lost their lives. Be with the man that lost his brother, mother and father today.