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Found Sister Mary Catherine

STREP THROAT…I found my Caye Burch at Floyd Primary in Rockmart…YES!! Got two shots, azithromycin, stay in bed for a week, not around anyone, drink lots (what I can), and pray I am alive when ‘the husband’ gets back home on Thursday! My little Lauren had ‘strep’ Saturday night at our Christmas party, so Grammie got it too.
I guess this is a good time to ‘WRITE’…I don’t feel like standing up!

I was so glad I found Caye…she was Dr. James Douglas’ physicians assistant, and her nickname with all the people in Rome that she helped to teach was Sister Mary Catherine. I am so glad I found her!! I was glad that the people at Dr. Douglas’ office told me where she was working. She is my doctor!! The best one!!

Prayers would be greatly appreciated, so I can be up and around by Christmas Day.