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“One Touch” The Story of an Awakened Heart by Susan Lana Hafner

I have almost finished reading this book. I thought I had a dysfunctional family. Mine was great compared to hers.

It is amazing! The negative talk we have with ourselves. I have always told my mom, “your body hears what your mouth says” but I just did not understand that to talk to yourself with all the negatives such as, “you are fat and you will never lose this weight” or “you don’t deserve to be happy with this man! How can he love you?  that is just as bad as any negative thing that could ever be said.

I was told, as far back as I can remember, I would not amount to anything. I was tall and ugly. I need not reach for more than I could see right in front of me, because I wouldn’t have it. I did not know that to not reach for the stars meant you were going to fall flat in the middle of the swamp.