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Slow down…and smell the coffee

We still haven’t resolved our situation about our sell of 82 Old Cartersville Road so we can keep our home…1092 Cartersville Highway this is where we want to live for the rest of our lives. God is in this place! We want to live here til they take us out, feet first.

Please say a prayer for the people who are looking at the log house and shop. They seem to want it, and we are hoping they are the ones God has put in place to buy it.

It seems we have been so busy the past few weeks. I have not been able to sit down and write a word. I don’t know why, except I have been SICK, going to the doctor, and going to Alabama to be with my sister Deloris. (She is finally a free woman! 43 more days and she can take his name off all she has…Yes! Long story!)  And I have worked cleaning house rather than paying someone. Because I can’t see doing this when we can’t afford to pay for the bills we owe, I clean my home, no matter the pain.

I just got my hair cut, colored and fixed today…and I almost had a coronary when the lady told me the total on the bill. Yes, I bought a six-dollar bottle of hair spray and a ten-dollar tip (big tipper) in the total. I could buy groceries for a month, but I’m so worth it.  The husband is going to love this when he finds out.

God, please let those guys purchase the other house….SOON….and I did slow down and smell the coffee… (too bad it’s going to be recycled)…