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August 2013-Another Joey+Rory Farmhouse Concert Weekend!!

My sister Denise, Ray and I went to Columbia, TN to see Joey+Rory at their Farmhouse Concert on August 24th. We had such a wonderful time the entire weekend. Denise had never been to Nashville. We took her to Broadway the night before and walked the street.  She stepped just inside Tootsie’s and I took a picture.


Denise at Tootsie's

Denise at Tootsie’s

  Ray & Dee meets Bradley Walker

Ray and I were so PROUD to meet Bradley Walker…

he is such a true talent!!!

Joey Feek is pregnant, due in February

021                                                                                                  Joey Feek is pregnant, due in February

This is a picture of their home……..

Rory & Joey's Home


We had such a great time this entire weekend….but I am sure glad Ray and I did our traveling years ago, because now it HURTS to travel. We are getting old.

God, thanks so much for this wonderful time!! You bless me so and I pray Joey and Rory’s baby will be well and healthy. I know it will be loved.

Thanks that we were able to take Denise with us.

Deliska Bradley



Christmas Concert in Tennessee

We had an absolute Blast at the Joey+Rory Concert!!

We met so many wonderful people!! Joey’s mom, Mrs. Martin,  was a wonderful addition to our circle of friends. Mel, their bass player, in the band, is going to be a friend for a long time. Tommy, her husband, the steel guitar player, is a bud with Ray already. They also play for Wynn Varble, so we are ‘hopefully’ going to have them come down for the Wounded Warriors projects this Spring.

This is just a taste of what a good time we had this entire weekend. So much fun!! Life is good!! db

  Dee and Mrs. Martin    The Band

Marcy & Megan Gary

Marcy (of Marcy Jo’s) and Megan-her daughter.Christmas at the Farmhouse  Joey+Rory w the Band  Christmas at the Farmhouse 2012