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Faith…I walk by faith that is not ‘blind’ for I have the road map of life, my Bible, to guide me along the way. I have the voice of God to listen to when I pray, and I have the Holy Spirit in my heart that quickens my spirit when I do something, or SAY something, that isn’t so pleasing unto my Lord. I don’t know what lays ahead of me in this life, as none of us do.


I am glad I didn’t know what was ahead of me the past twenty-five years. This has been a true delight and adventure. I stood on the side of the stream of life that the Lord gave me when I truly turned my life over to HIM on October 26, 1988 and I held my nose and JUMPED in. He has taken me to places I have never thought I would see and I have done things I never thought would be possible. I spoke in front of people I never would have imagined, the largest group was about 500, and I’ve seen many men and women give their hearts to the Lord through Jesus Christ. I’ve led a little boy to the Lord after a Vacation Bible School with him sitting in the back seat of my car…and I still keep up with him to this day. He’s grown.


We all struggle with Life’s ups and downs, and I am no different. My health was such I had to stop traveling to speak, and I have arthritis in my spine so bad it hurts to move. My feet don’t want to walk sometimes, but my mouth hasn’t stopped working so I can tell what Jesus has done for me.


He saw my MESS and gave me a message. He took my TEST and gave me a testimony. He saw I was a cracked vessel and he put me back on the potter’s wheel and reworked me, until he could use me for His glory. He is not through with me yet. He keeps on leaving me here through bouts of ‘cancer’ and heart attacks and I keep telling Him…’if I had known I was going to live this long Lord, I would have taken better care of myself’. He told me, ‘it’s in the Bible, girlfriend. Your Body is the Temple of the Lord.’ I said, “Yes Sir… Sorry.”


I hope you are living by FAITH…and your crooked places made straight. Jesus will do these things and not forsake you.

Praise the Lord, He hasn’t forsaken me!!


I still have my sense of humor. God gave me that too.

Deliska Bradley 9/10/2013