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Bradley Christmas 2012

Bradley Christmas 2012

One more Christmas down….just wonderful!! The children were GREAT!! They are big enough to mind, well mostly!

Jaye’s three have grown up so much, and Hayley has always been good. Her mouth is just a little to smart for me, but she is smart! She just acts grown, because she has always been with grown-ups! And Sam! If I had him for a week, I would get so much of that spoiled baby mess out of him. I know he is three, but he needs some Dee BRADLEY straightening out! Yeah, about a week would do it.

He spit at me tonight, and I almost had a fit. He thought he would get by with it. WRONG!! I would have torn his little butt off, if he had spit ON me. He had my hands on him tonight before I could stop myself, and I made him know it was not right. I will not allow that in my house, and his daddy did not say ONE WORD!! If he had, I would have done something to him, and so would Poppie.

We had a great time with the kids….all of them. Even the big ones! All this happened after they were tired…full of sweet smores, and it was LATE.

We had a bonfire in the fire-pit out by the pond. The kids loved it! Nate didn’t stay outside with us. He was so tired, he slept all the time we were outside. When we came back in, he woke up. They loved roasting marshmallows. I didn’t get one!!

I read the Christmas story for the kids while we were outside…and they almost listened. We tried to sing songs, and nobody would sing. Hayley read them. After that went so well, we went inside.

Poppie didn’t cook this year, like he usually does. We had more kid friendly food this year; Chicken wings, sausage balls, dips, chips, fruit, cheese tray and I made a key lime cake. Poppie bought an egg custard and tea. That was IT. We didn’t have anything to do but put the mess in the trash.

I think the kids really enjoyed themselves, but I made a real mistake today. I gave Lauren a toy and didn’t give Hayley one. OMG….I thought the world was coming to an end. Last time that will happen!! If there is another Christmas I live in, all children will get a toy. PERIOD!! I won’t bore everyone with what everyone received, but they all seemed to like their gifts.

Hoping all of you will have as Blessed a Christmas as I have had and we all remember the reason for the season!! Jesus Christ was born!!




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