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MRI, with Breast Biopsy, as Taliban Torture


Friends and family:

I lived through the breast biopsy! There was a short time I did not think this was going to happen.

I will say this about the procedure, “IF YOU WANT TO HAVE A TRUE TORTURE TEST, THIS IS ONE FOR THE TALIBAN…”

So you will know what they did, this is not for the weak at heart or for those that squirm easily…

I had to change clothes, told to put this ‘LITTLE’ robe on (open in the front) which was no problem, since it barely met in the front. I left on my pants, since they were not working on THAT end.

One nurse tried to get an IV started and after five attempts to get it in the bend of my right arm, she said, “OK, this isn’t working. I am not sticking you again. I will try on the top of your hand.” She got that one of the first try. Good thing!!

The women took me into the MRI room and told me to lie down on the MRI table with my left breast hanging down in this VICE GRIP on my stomach with my arms over my head….and I was laying on the other breast with it FLAT as a fritter. The girls asked me if I wanted to listen to music on the headphones. I said sure, why not?! “What kind of music do you like?” they asked. I told them anything country! They put on some kicking country tunes!!

We thought the day was off and running. Then the MRI machine stopped working. They had to turn it off and back on. They asked me if I wanted to set up, or stay like I was. I made the wrong decision….I didn’t move.

Once they got the machine working they put the contrast in my arm! It makes your mouth taste funny and every mucus membrane in your body feels HOT!! My arm hurt!! Don’t say anything; she might have to re-stick me!! I had to lie completely still while this gosh awful machine made this terrible noise. I am so claustrophobic it is AWFUL…I tried to get something for this condition, but my ‘angel Caye’ didn’t get the message in time to get me any medicine to help me get through this. Floyd Breast Center does not give you ONE THING to help you get through this…no little relax pill….nothing!!
Then the doctor came in and started putting numbing shots in my BREAST!! If you have never had this happen, I cannot explain how this feels unless you can think of having someone sticking a needle in the white of your eye, nor have a needle stuck under your fingernail. That’s close!! These shots were supposed to made you NUMB. It did…after the fifth needle full of medicine went in the spot! By this time, I was crying real tears. I couldn’t move because they had me ‘lined up’.

Then…as if this didn’t hurt enough….and my shoulder felt like it was going to explode because I had to hold it over my head…the doctor came in with this hollow needle (which was going to take the biopsy) and he went in the side of my breast under my left arm, going all the way through my breast to the other side…SIX TIMES…It felt like it was as big as his little finger. Mind you, he had numbed me up completely.

Tears were streaming, again!!

By this time, the MRI was over and I could MOVE!! Remember, I was on my stomach, and my behind was UP in the air. When I tried to move myself down, able to sit up, I was in a strain. I FLATULATED LOUD ENOUGH TO WAKE THE DEAD ON THE OTHER SIDE OF ROME!!

Just let the concrete floor open up and swallow me!! This was not the most embarrassing time of my life, but it blame sure came close!!

He put in a staple, so when surgery is complete, they can see where the places were biopsied. I had to have a mammogram making sure the staples went in the right places. They did!!

I put on my clothes and left, before anything else happened to me.

BTW, I went by the bathroom on my way out of the building.


One thing for sure…God supplied me with an over-abundance of humor, and if I didn’t use it, I would be sitting in the corner playing with the dust particles. I go back to find out what this found on Monday, 1:30pm. Smile Folks!!

Dee Bradley