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Today is the Thanksgiving Day

OK! Today is Thanksgiving Day. What does that mean to you? Does it just mean a day to watch television and all the football games you can watch? Does it mean having lunch, or dinner, with family and eating too much? Does it mean going to family you may only see once a year, and glad of it? Or does it mean that you have one day that you stand with your family and recall all the people who have passed, leaving behind a beautiful legacy of love?

For me, I try to go to my sisters, in Alabama, for a FAMILY Thanksgiving. We have so many of our family members that are stretched so thin, with their other families. Some come for LUNCH and some come for Dinner, so those of us that can stay all day to see them all. The one thing we all have…..LOTS to eat, Lots to Love, and so many now that we remember!! Mama is still with us, but she is failing so fast. This may be our last with her. Only God knows!! We make the best of our every moment with her, as we do with all our moments with each other.

What do you have to eat on Thanksgiving, that you don’t have any other day of the year? Which family member do you wish you could change (and why)? How far do you have to travel for your Thanksgiving Day festivities?

Please have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

Always, and then some…