Tuesday kicked my behind…

Calling it a DAY…I had breakfast with a lifelong friend…(she hasn’t changed a day in 50 years)…went shopping for an hour…made nine baskets for an auction tomorrow…made two ‘dog pallets’ for Christmas Gifts out in my woman cave…made ten potpourri baskets for Christmas presents w/ cards so the ones I am giving them to will know what is in it…I forgot to eat supper. Man, that didn’t happen a few months ago!!..Night all!!  Tomorrow is going to be a kicker day too.

God, Thank you for all you have blessed me with!! I forget to thank YOU enough. I talk to you all day, but I forget to just thank you.

If you don’t know where you would wake up tomorrow, if HE decided to come back today, you had better get yourself straight with HIM…I don’t matter. He is the ONLY one that does.



Always, and then some…..

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