WAR with Syria

I do not want Obama to go to war with Syria. The reason, Obama got off his teleprompter and stuck her bloody foot in his mouth up to his knee! He has no business in Washington being our President in the first place, and he has no better sense than open his alligator mouth that just over-loaded his hummingbird butt.

The USA cannot AFFORD to be in another WAR. In case he hasn’t noticed, the USA is BROKE due to he and his lovely wife taking ‘vacations’ all over the world the past five years, keeping the USA in a war in Afghanistan, and Iraq, and the reasons go on. On top of that, why go over and bomb them for doing what they are doing to themselves? We can stay here and not be in harms way! They want to KILL US.

I am not considered the brightest bulb in the hall, but even I know we don’t need to go step in a civil war that has been going on in Syria since Biblical times. That war will never be any different. EVER!! And they want all of us dead!! We have no right to go over there and tell them anything. If the rest of the world won’t go to help us, leave them alone. If their own people won’t stand up, why should we go and help the ones that would slit our throats when we got there. They hate us worse than the ones that killed them.

Please God, don’t let Obama send us back into war!!

Deliska Bradley



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