“We don’t have Victory”

“I think first of all that people need to understand that Jesus didn’t die for us so we all can have a religion and go to a building on Sunday and call it church. Jesus died so we can have an intimate relationship with God through him. Here’s the foundation for all victory in our lives. Jesus said very plainly in John 15 (verse 5) “…apart from Me you can do nothing.” We don’t just have victory because we try to have victory.”~~Joyce Meyer

I am so glad I have a true relationship with Jesus Christ. It pains my heart to think of loved ones, and friends, that don’t. I cannot change them, but I can surely pray for their soul.

I don’t have because we don’t ask…

Lord, I am asking for a miracle to happen in our finances. I pray that we sell out, and we can live so freely. I don’t mind not having ‘stuff’ because we can’t take it with us when we go. Help me to be a ‘giver’ of my time, my talents, and myself to those who need an encouraging word from YOU through me.


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