Fruits (well washed), Vegetables (you raise-well washed), Nuts (in moderation), Olive Oil, Avocados…fish, if you catch them (no catfish-only scaled fish, no shell-fish) in clean water… PLEASE!?!?! Tell me how many people can do this??? It ain’t me babe!!

I do the best I can, but I eat meat. I eat whole bread. I eat real butter. I am trying to change certain things I eat to make it fewer calories but if you trade a low-fat you gain a sugar. SO? Fat I am, Fat I’ll be.

I am a type II diabetic and have been for years. I am morbidly obese, or so the doctors say. I am almost 6′ tall and way over 60 years old. All my ancestor women stood tall and stocky (known to many in the South as Rawboned Women) and I won’t be a skinny woman this side of heaven.

I am planting my garden in the morning.

Dee Bradley



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